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January 10, 2013

Should dogs be allowed in pubs?

Mel Hadcroft was ''very disappointed'' when he was told his four-legged companion could not join him for lunch at a country pub.
While allowing any animal on food premises is technically illegal, many Christchurch cafes and bars are biting back.
Hadcroft, of Bryndwr, was driving back from the Weka Gorge on Sunday when he saw a sign for a ''historic English pub'' near Leithfield.
His faithful companion Stan, a german shepherd, was in the car with him.
''On ordering a beer and a meal, I found the beer garden, so got the dog and his water and settled down for a nice lunch.''
He said the waitress told him no dogs were allowed because it was a health risk.
''When I went in to pay for my meal the owner, who had already told me she had two cats, was standing behind the bar holding one of them and going on about how there wasn't going to be any dogs in her pub.''
Old Leithfield Hotel publican Soni Goodley said it was the hotel's policy not to allow dogs.
''We're a restaurant and people eat in the garden. I have signs stating that dogs aren't allowed and I have cats. This is my house and it's my cats' house too,'' she said. MORE>>
So, what do you think??
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