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Reviewing the dog news in New Zealand with editors comments. Someone needs to keep reviewing how our dogs are doing in society.

September 30, 2006

Police defend how they train dogs

Police are defending their police dog training programme after a german shepherd being assessed in public attacked a man. Nowhere in this article did it actually say if the dog failed!

Mirek Dlugolecki was left with puncture wounds in his arm after being bitten while walking around Lake D, near Horsham Downs, last Sunday.

Mr Dlugolecki did not want to talk to media, but his younger brother George said Mirek was walking around the lake when he saw a man and a woman with the dog.

The woman was hiding in nearby bushes, apparently as a lure for the dog to chase.
Mr Dlugolecki said that instead the dog ran and attacked his brother.
"The man came over and tried to get the dog off, but it wouldn't let go."
The dog let go only when it was knocked away. I guess this dog will certainly be a police dog. He's learnt from osmosis.

Mr Dlugolecki said the two people told his brother they were with the police, and blamed the incident on the dog being only eight months old. Huh?! so they blame the dog for being a dog? Usually pet owners are blamed for their pet's behaviour. Obviously cops have a law all to themselves!

Mr Dlugolecki went to Waikato Hospital's accident and emergency department, where he paid $50 for a tetanus injection.

Police spokesperson Kris McGehan said the two people at the lake were an off-duty dog handler and his wife.

The german shepherd had been gifted to police to see if it would be suitable as a police dog. I guess it is. Potential police dogs were assessed in public places such as shopping malls, parks and city streets to see how they behaved.

Ms McGehan said police were concerned the incident had happened, but there were not normally safety issues with public training. I don't quite understand this. No safety issues around the public? Isn't that were you'd expect it?

No action would be taken against the dog handler. WHAT?!?! I see some double standards here !!
"The incident was the result of over-exuberant puppy play. The handler followed all correct procedure. He offered assistance to the man, but was declined. He told the man he was a police officer and asked for the man's details, which weren't given," Ms McGehan said. Well folks, next time your puppy bites someone, copy this article and give it to the judge.

Ms McGehan said had Mr Dlugolecki given his details he would have been sent a formal apology and an offer to meet all medical costs. Huh!! Shouldn't the dog owner (ie cop) pay the fee. yes, the fine, plus need to put a muzzle on the dog? Why are these dogs allowed to bite someone and not get punished? I totally disagree with the decision.

Dog fight

Thousands of pooches and their parents have descended on Palmerston North for the New Zealand Kennel Club National Dog Show.

For the uneducated, this film is a hilarious exaggeration.
But for those taking part in the 2006 New Zealand Kennel Club National Dog Show, held in Palmerston North this weekend, the movie is anything but far-fetched.

``It's not a movie, it's a documentary,'' says New Zealand Kennel Club chief executive Greg Kerr.

Palmerston North doberman breeder Shirley Herbert agrees. ``The dog- show people love that movie. They laugh at it, but only because it's so true.'' For Mrs Herbert, dogs are a way of life. She has eight dobermans who have the run of the house. The front gate sports a life-size cut- out of a doberman, and even her husband of six years had to accept the dogs as part of the package.

``When I met my husband, I had four dobermans. All he had was a plaster cocker spaniel, so it was a case of love me, love my dogs.'' Pippy Long Stockings is one of two dobermans Mrs Herbert will be showing at this weekend's event. Although the top prize is a long way off for the 10-month-old puppy, Mrs Herbert says they are aiming for it this weekend.

``It would be like me winning the lottery, but you still take a ticket.'' And the way to win is to practise, primp and preen. MORE>>

September 29, 2006

Canine heroine wins national awards

A canine heroine who barked the house down before it burnt down, saving her family, will today be recognised for bravery.

Jess, a one-year-old female fox terrier received a life saving award at the ProPlan New Zealand Canine Heroes Awards today.

Two other canine achievers also received recognition, a dog that listened intently but quietly as children read to her, won the service dog award and a dog that cost $20 and a box of chocolates took the pet of the year award. MORE>>

I would have thought that the article Burglar hounded by Holmes would have won... Imagine a dog called Shelock Holmes getting his burglar!!

September 28, 2006

Increase in dog pound release charges

Some dog owners will be paying more to get their pet released from the pound as the Southland District Council imposes new microchipping laws.

The council yesterday increased release charges for unregistered dogs and registered dogs impounded a second time from $80 to $110, effective from November 1. You better get yourself a smart dog!! A border collie comes to mind...

The increase was to cover the costs imposed by the Dog Control Amendment Act, which says those dogs cannot be released until they are microchipped. $30 increase and the microchip cost $10? Am I thick... what kind of costs is this!!

Regulatory services group manager Lindsay McKenzie said each microchip cost about $10, with more again for staff time. The fees could stay the same, but that would mean the cost would need to be shared by all owners through registration fees. Why does it have to be shared? Why is it that a city can register dogs and cats for FREE, when a city in NZ has to 'cover' their cost?? How hard is it to update a database when all the dog owner's info is already there. It's a scam!

The council adopted the new charges, with Mr McKenzie noting that pound staff were being trained to insert the microchips themselves. That saved the cost of calling a vet – and meant dogs owned by council staff were among the first in the district to be microchipped. Yipdee doo!

Additionally, about 600 dogs remained unregistered. Staff will visit every property that had a registered dog before, and infringement notices will be issued where unregistered dogs are found. I guess they've got nothing better things to do? How about public education courses?

September 26, 2006

Council in battle over dangerous dogs' fate

Kapiti officials will this week seek to destroy two pit bull-terrier cross dogs after an electricity meter reader was attacked outside a Paraparaumu house. I can't beleive that they dont want to hand the dogs to the council.These are the second set of dogs that ran to the meter reader. But perhpas there is something that I'm not aware of.

Kapiti Coast District Council hopes to have a court date by the end of this week seeking destruction of two dogs which, along with another pit bull terrier-British bulldog-sharpei cross, attacked the man outside a Makarini St property.
The meter reader had shaken the gate to alert the owner he was there and one of the dogs had jumped a fence. When a woman at the house came to investigate she opened the gate and two other dogs ran out and attacked the man.

"He tripped and fell in the gutter and rolled on to his tummy trying to protect his throat," Ms Wadsworth said. "He was bitten on the leg and ankle, suffered cuts to his head and had some cartilage ripped out of his ear. His jeans were quite badly ripped, one sock was shredded and his shirt was covered in blood." MORE>>

Students happy to be in the dog box

Thames and Waihi SPCAs will soon own two new dog kennels, thanks to the efforts of Hauraki Plains College students.
The teams each had a $200 Mitre 10 voucher to complete the kennels built to specifications including the use of Pink Batts.

September 24, 2006

Killer dog on loose in wake of sheep attack

Two marauding pig dogs have killed more than 75 sheep in an attack on a Te Kuiti farm.
The sheep were kept in a paddock on Tate Rd leased by farmer Chris Adams of Kopaki.

He was alerted to the Monday night attack by neighbours, who also contacted Waitomo animal control officer Rod McLeod.
He said it appeared the dogs had rounded up the sheep and killed them.
It would cost about $9000 for veterinarian bills and hiring a digger to bury the sheep.

September 22, 2006

The search is on the NZ's oldest dog

The search is on for New Zealand's oldest dog and the mangy mutt is more likely to be a fox terrier than a great dane.

Jessica Godoy, spokeswoman for Eukanuba pet food, which is conducting the search, said small dogs were believed to live up to 30 per cent longer than larger breeds.
"Small breed dogs are New Zealand's fastest growing pet category," Ms Godoy said. MORE>>

Dog paintings labelled offensive

The artist behind a series of paintings about canine comfort is shocked her work is being classed as offensive. A dog's penis offensive?? This reminds me when a woman swam in the public swimming pool in Ottawa, Canada with her breast bare. She had her buttoms, but no top. Off she went to the police station, and was labelled "criminal" because it was a criminal act for women for go bare breasted, but ok for men. So she went to the Federal Courts of Canada.
At that time, women's breast were deemd offensive.

The exhibition, called A Dog's Breakfast has only been up for a few days, but it is already causing a stir in Whangarei, and there are calls for it to be pulled.

The exhibition is close to artist Joanna Ball's heart. Comprising 16 works in all, it is a homage to the family dog Bertie who comforted Ball's mother when she was dying of cancer.

But not everyone is loving her paintings. Two show Bertie's penis and that has left some upset. Well, what did she expect? It's New Zealand, and it's in a small community.
It is not art lovers who are troubled by the works, but patrons of the cafe next door. Customers have to walk through a passage, past some of the paintings on the wall, to get to the cafe, and some don't like what they see.

September 21, 2006

Dog owner jailed for 6 months after attack

A woman has been sentenced to six months jail after her two dogs attacked an elderly man and left him with permanent nerve damage.

Mr Kelly arrived at the property, which was fully fenced with warning signs, for a prearranged business meeting but no one answered the front door.

As he went through an unlocked gate that led to the back section the dogs attacked his thighs and arms, tore skin from his hands and bit his wrist through to the bone.

Mackenzie tried to get the dogs off Mr Kelly, then took him to a clinic before returning home and having her pets put down.

Council service request manager Jackie Wilkinson said that while the attack on Mr Kelly occurred within Mackenzie's property and there were warning signs, the gate to the yard was unlocked.
"Owners can pay a high price for having an aggressive dog that seriously harms someone and they need to be sure that their dogs are socialised and well trained. Having a fully-fenced property and warning signs is not enough."

Ms Fryer said there were many reasons for members of the public to go on to another person's property and they had the right to expect to be safe.

It was her responsibility to make sure it was locked or the dogs were secured so no one could be injured.

However, Mackenzie's lawyer, Gregor Morison, said Mr Kelly had been given instructions on how to enter the property but ignored them - and five warning signs - by going through the gate.

While Mackenzie had some support from her elderly father, she was a solo mother in her 50s with a handicapped son to care for and after running a business was now a beneficiary.

Hum... this is a very sad case all around.

The person coming to the door didn't follow her orders in coming to the house and went to the back door. Error number 1.

She didn't have a lock on it. Semi-error number 2. Would you enter a property that had a dog on it without knowing the dog(s)??

He got nabbed by the dogs, and she put the dogs down voluntarily. Doesn't that count for something! He, on the other hand, has lost independence in his life due to his injuries. She, on the other hand, is the main provider for her disabled son and dependent father.

How would you have judged this case?

September 20, 2006

Abuse victim put pet first

A domestic violence victim who endured a lifetime of abuse would have left earlier if she hadn't feared for her dog's life.

Her situation has prompted urgent calls for funding solutions from the Auckland Women's Refuge and the SPCA for women in violent relationships whose pets are also suffering.
Faith, 41, who doesn't want her last name used, wanted to leave an abusive family environment at least three years ago.

But she was too afraid to leave her dog. The pet had been choked, thrown around and locked up for long periods.
Auckland refuge community manager Micky Concannon says women are often too scared to leave violent relationships because of their pets. MORE>>

September 19, 2006

New policies adopted for dog control in Balclutha

Dog owners in the Clutha district will now pay an extra $2 to register a dog and will face hefty fines if they duck their ownership responsibilities.
"This will ensure that council has proper records on all dogs through registration," the policy document says.

Dog owners in urban areas will pay $34 to register a dog, while rural owners will pay $15.

If you want accurate records, why doesn't the council register dogs for free! They do it in many cities around the world, like Ottawa, for example.

September 18, 2006

Dog days on the catwalk

When you gotta go, you gotta go. Despite animal trainer Mark Kinaston-Smith saying he can train his proteges to "hold on", it's inevitable there are times when things don't go to plan.

As World of WearableArt's animal trainer, he has had to train chickens, dogs and horses to strut their stuff among the fashionistas at four WOW events and only once had there been an "incident".
The 35-year-old, who also breeds horses on his Levin property, has trained animals for Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy, the River Queen movie and television commercials.

He started preparing his animals for this year's World of WearableArt event more than a month ago. Three chickens and two dogs will be appearing in the show, which opens in Wellington on Thursday. "You have to make sure they are familiarised with what they have to do," he said.

September 17, 2006

Dog survives shipwreck off Coromandel

The owner of a shipwrecked launch got some good news today after his dog was found alive when the boat beached itself at Ross Bay on Great Barrier Island.

The owner was plucked by helicopter from his sinking launch yesterday afternoon but rescuers could not save his dog who was seen inside the cabin.

Microchipping for Stewart Island cats proposed

First it was dogs, now cats on Stewart Island will be the first to be microchipped in New Zealand if a council proposal goes ahead. YES !! I hope all of NZ does it. Cat microchipping is done in Ottawa...

The cat chipping is proposed in the draft review of Environment Southland's regional pest management strategy and the aim is to make pet cats easily identified from feral cats.

Stewart Island cat owners, spoken to yesterday, had not heard of the proposal but were supportive of the idea. I'm gald to hear that.

Resident Laura Cavanagh said if the choice came between not having a cat or having to get her cat microchipped, "I'd microchip it in a second".

Most people on the island had two or three cats, she said. "They're good for keeping the rats away." No wonder the kiwi are being killed!

Another cat owner, Gwen Neave, said some pet cats wandered all over the bay.

"You can't penalise a cat for having cat instincts." Oh my God !! the same logic can/could/should apply to dogs!
It was up to owners to keep them under control, she said.

All pet cats on the island have to be neutered.

Environment Southland biosecurity officer Sherman Smith said there was no point in getting rid of cats all together because of the feral cat population already on the island.

The microchip would be the same rice-size chip inserted into dogs and Mr Smith hoped a deal could be arranged so owners could get microchips at a reduced rate. Sheese... the only thing about microchipping is the need for vets to think tis is another money thing!

Man fined for starving dog, lying over fees

16 September 2006
A Hamilton man who tried to avoid paying dog registration fees by saying his dogs were in Ngaruawahia –- where fees are cheaper –- has been fined more than $3500.

He has also been punished for starving them.

In the Hamilton District Court yesterday, Basil Matika, 44, admitted three charges of not registering a dog and one each of making a false registration application, keeping a dog without a permit and failing to provide care for a dog. With a name like that, well..

Judge Denise Clark said Matika, of Hamilton, realised dog registration fees were cheaper in the Waikato, so he lied, saying the dogs lived in Ngaruawahia.

Lawyer Ted Walsh said Matika was adamant he would not starve the animals but Hamilton City Council dog control officers found them with ribs protruding, dirty and injured. I wonder what the man thinks 'starving' means !!

Mr Walsh said Matika made his children feed the dogs but this had not been done. One dog was sick and had to be put down. MORE>>

September 15, 2006

Postie's nightmare leaps into life

Postie Yolanda Maletino always had a nagging fear she might be attacked by a dog but when it happened she couldn't believe it.

The 19-year-old was delivering mail in Manurewa when a dog burst through a gate, sprinted towards her and latched on to her leg.

"The dog was going too fast for me to react. I only had time to say: `Oh my gosh'."
It had started barking at her as she stopped to sort mail.

The dog's owner, who was watching, called for it to be quiet but it continued barking and jumped on the gate, she says.
Manukau City Council is prosecuting the dog's owner. Prosecution could result in a maximum fine of $20,000 and/or the dog being destroyed.

A council spokesperson says 126 court actions have been taken in the past three months over dog attacks.

Doggie treats are the best way of telling most dogs your friendly. I guess that would be an expensive thing to do, but it could be tax deductible if you had your own business.

September 14, 2006

Fears beloved Ella a victim of dog-napper

A suspected dog-napping has left Palmerston North vet Katie Shore without her beloved black labrador.

A nine-month-old pure-bred, Ella went missing from Ms Shore's fully fenced Highbury property between 11pm Sunday and 5.30am Monday. Why would you leave your dog outside ?? Would you leave $500 just lying around ?

As the gate was closed and "he's not a wanderer," Ms Shore is convinced the dog has been taken. Depending on his age, if he did wander, as dog do, he'll come back. And also depends if he knows his neighbourhood, or was allowed to.

She says the dog would be no use fighting or as a guard dog and the only reason for her theft could be for sale. MORE>>

Why was this story in the paper? I mean, there are hundreds of dogs that go missing... we don't all report them to the paper. What? because you suspect he was dog-napped?

September 10, 2006

Dogged determination pays off for Sylvia

When Sylvia Bow took her first puppy along to dog obedience classes, she could hear the trainers whispering "oh my God, here she comes again".They thought Sylvia would have dropped out after the first class.

"My dog was so bad, they nearly asked me not to come back."He used to sit there and howl all the way through and start all the other dogs howling.

"But her determination to get it right meant the Rotorua woman not only succeeded, she is now one of New Zealand's top dog obedience trainers."I am the type of person if someone says to me 'you can't do this' it usually stirs me up and I think 'I'll show them'. MORE>> (this is a happy story!)

September 09, 2006

'Frenzied' dog stabber jailed for 2½ years

The "frenzied" fugitive who stabbed police dog Edge has been jailed for 2½ years – and must pay more than $6000 for the rescue helicopter ride he and the dog needed for their injuries.
Judge Anne Gaskell said the knife attack by Graham Leslie Ashcroft was "as close to the most serious offending of this type".
"You stabbed the dog in the chest and you then pulled the knife out of the dog and stabbed the dog a second time," Judge Gaskell said. MORE>>

September 08, 2006

More dogs, but there are fewer complaints

Marlborough continues to go to the dogs, with registration numbers up sharply from last year, according to figures from the Marlborough District Council. Just to repeat from what I said earlier(or later in this blog)... there are NO dog registration FEES in Ottawa, Canada if your dog is microchipped and neutered. Otherwise it's 20 bucks!

But encouragingly, dog related complaints are on the decline. Why? because they don't want their neighbour to cough up a $300 fine, or a dog destruction order.

(... check here for the numbers)
Total dog related complaints decreased from 627 to 493.

The number of reported attacks decreased over the same period, from 90 to 41.

Roaming complaints were also down from 141 to 83, however barking complaints increased from 249 to 304.

Council reserves and amenities officer Russell Montgomery said the year's overall results were pleasing.
"These figures can see seen as indicating a positive increase in the levels of compliance God I hate that word... and responsible dog ownership within the Marlborough community." perhaps it means that, but perhaps there is less reporting !


He said a number of people had tried to register their animals as working stock dogs to avoid the micro chipping requirement. However these applications were withdrawn when the owners were told a demonstration of the dog at work was required, Mr Montgomery said.

Killings by dogs continue

During the past year, Tokomaru farmer Malcolm Squire has lost two cows, two sheep and about 100 goats to dogs.

A few years ago, he says, he lost 50 lambs out of 200 in one paddock. In the first case, he eventually caught a dog in the act. It belonged to one of his neighbours, and was taken away by Horowhenua District Council dog control officers.

But the removal of the offending animal didn't solve the problem. Five weeks ago, a couple of cows died when they were spooked by dogs and fell off a cliff. They broke their legs and had to be put down.

"There's a big subdivision on my boundary. That's where the dogs come from, and the subdivision is getting bigger. MORE>>

The sad truth about encroaching city folks!

September 07, 2006

NZ Post fed up with uncontrolled dogs

Dog owners need to take more responsibility for securing their yards and their pets after two dog attacks left posties seriously injured, New Zealand Post says.

In Auckland, a postie was still recovering from severe lower leg injuries suffered when she was attacked by a mastiff-cross dog while delivering mail in South Auckland on August 23.
She was expected to be off work for several weeks to recover from the injuries. ACC to the rescue!

In Whakatane another postie was hospitalised this week after she was attacked and badly bitten on the upper leg by a dog.

Mr Nant said, in the Auckland incident, the "huge" dog attacked the postie after managing to force its way out of a property through a closed gate. MORE>>

Do NZ POST actually have a dog training session on how to avoid dogs? I mean, why don't they carry around some doggie treats and when they know that there's a dog, give 'em a treat. Better to make friends than enemies.
In Canada: No mail for derelict dog owners: Canada Post

Barking at the postman
The postman or any kind of regular deliveryman is regarded by your dog as an intruder and so it barks and is immediately rewarded by the postman going away. It thinks it has frightened off the intruder and done its duty. Talk to your postman and try to get him to cooperate. Tell him you will leave a tit-bit outside the door and ask him to push it through the letter-box before the letters. The tit-bit will be a better reward for your dog than chasing the postman away.

Someone wrote:
This reminds me of the old problem of why a dog will madly bark and even attack the postman and greet cheerfully or at least be non aggressive with other people visiting.

The answer I got it's that the dog perceives the postman as someone who everyday sneaks upon the house. It barks and then the postman leaves. Big victory! The dog is protecting his turf, or rather, your turf (you tend to be the pack leader for a dog). It sees the postman as an intruder. When someone new rings the bell, it has learned that it's often someone you greet politely or even cheerfully. So it does not immediately identify him as a threat.

Questions And Answers Wednesday, 6 September 2006

Questions in Parliament, and this was one of them... pertaining to DOGS!

Mark Blumsky: Will the independent inquiry into issues around local government rates funding investigate the effect of Government-imposed compliance costs on rate increases, given comments made by the Vice-President of Local Government New Zealand, the Mayor of Wellington, Kerry Prendergast, that it has a huge impact and that those compliance costs have placed a huge burden on some local authorities, and given the evaluation of the Wellington City Council on costs imposed by central government of, just to name two, $1.75 million for the Building Act and $220,000 for the Dog Control Act? Yuh! what is that cost again??

ANSWER: Hon MARK BURTON: I would respond to the member by saying that a factual analysis of the long-term community plan shows that 70 percent of the anticipated expenditure will go on core infrastructure and a further 18 percent will go on core community amenities. I have to say that, of the supposed list of Acts that have brought such costs to local government—and that is typical of the misinformation we have seen from that member’s party—as I pointed out yesterday, some 28 of them carry no cost at all. I refer to legislation such as the amendment of 2000 to the Dog Control Act, which included hearing-ear dogs and allows dogs that provide safety assistance for the Deaf to be in places where dogs are normally not allowed. I must have missed something here... That is the sort of measure that that member’s party seems to be criticising, when, in fact, the legislation is a response to the stated needs of the community, and often of local government itself. Does the needs of the community include a $200 000 bill for deaf dogs. obviously, Ive missed something here..

September 06, 2006

Dog levy buys angst, says council

A national dog database is causing a headache for the Queenstown Lakes District Council, which is fielding complaints from annoyed dog owners.

The council is required to pay an annual levy of $2995 for the Department of Internal Affairs-led scheme, which is based on registered dog numbers in the district. What a bureaucracy gone mad. Did you know that in Ottawa, CANADA, dog registration is FREE (if microchipped and neutered) or $20 (if not microchipped and neutered). Ottawa has a population of around 700 000 people. If they can do it, why can't New Zealand?

Ms Autridge said the levy had merely bought her a lot of angst from the community. "It's just annoying a lot of the community, who thinks it's overly bureaucratic but we don't have much choice."

The database was essentially a double-up where dog owners had to provide another complete set of data, she said. YES, if your dog is registered, your dog is REGISTERED!

Cr Sally Middleton said she could not believe there was no way out of it. "I think it's absolutely ridiculous ... the whole system is just ridiculous and I can't believe the Government doesn't have something better to do." Sounds like Canine Citizen is about to get lauched!

Committee chairwoman Cr Kathy Neal said the database generated $500,000 a year for the Government. Hum... to the government or to all the vets, dog rangers, city councillers (with nothing better to do).. Dog is BUSINESS.

Council to keep an eye on pitbull pair

Hamilton dog rangers will monitor the behaviour of two pitbull cross dogs after receiving a petition signed by more than 240 people.

The dogs have been accused of attacking two cats near a walkway by the Waikato River in the city.
The cat was put down by a veterinarian who told one of the complainants it appeared the cat had been in a dog's mouth.

Committee chair John Gower said it was unfortunate the people behind a 242-strong petition did not attend the committee meeting on Wednesday when the issue was discussed. So they can sign a petition, but they can't get off their butts to attend a meeting and discuss the issue... sheese !

A woman who complained about the dogs said she thought the council had
already made its mind up and nothing she said would have changed it. The woman spoke on the condition she was not named.

Two of those who complained, who regularly fed their friend's cats Mr Sox and Cheeky, say one of the dogs attacked Mr Sox on March 6 and then went roaming on the riverbank.
Cheeky later went missing and has never been found.

They say the dogs presented a danger to other animals, particularly cats. It's called prey drive. And it's also called, leave your cats inside! ya ya, I know... I can hear all the cat people inside my head.

They started a petition asking for the two dogs to be secured and be controlled at all times by security fencing so they could not wander. Why a petition? I thought the dog ranger would do that immediately .. that's what they are paid for.

In a report to the committee, environmental services general manager Graeme Fleming said staff investigated thoroughly and felt there was insufficient evidence to take any legal action against the owners or classify the dogs as dangerous. Good! they investigated... good for them. With all the cellphones and digital cameras around, you'd think that someone would have taken a picture of the cat in the dog's mouth.

"We have impressed upon the owner of the dog his responsibilities of owning a dog classified as menacing but we cannot require fencing of the property as you request," he said. I thought properties had to be fenced!

September 04, 2006

Record prices at working dog sale

An auction of working dogs at Whatatutu north west of Gisborne has recorded its highest prices for huntaway and heading dogs.

Auction coordinator Hoppy Patterson says there were plenty of buyers at this year's sale, at which 48 dogs were sold and only five passed in. (...)

The auction is also a fundraiser for the Whatatutu netball club and about two and a half thousand dollars was raised.

Pup's microchip no help in finding owner

A West Auckland woman says the new dog microchipping system introduced to keep track of dogs was no use when she lost her boxer puppy.

Sarah Ricketts had the 5-month-old pup, Pepper, microchipped at 3 months old, paying around $100 to her local vet to insert the chip. $100 bucks !! our neighbourhood vet is charging 20 bucks. Someone is ripping off someone else!

She even made sure the chip number was noted on the registration form when she registered the dog with Waitakere City Council two months later. "I even highlighted the number," Mrs Ricketts said. "She's like our baby. I wanted to make sure they knew she was microchipped, I wanted to make sure I would get her back."
So when she and her husband returned home a week ago to find the dog gone, ...

They spent the afternoon frantically searching around their Glen Eden home after ringing Waitakere City Council to notify the council the dog was lost.
Unknown to the family, a woman motorist had picked up the dog and taken it to Henderson pound. When the council faxed the pound, the pound rang Mrs Ricketts to tell her it had the dog. But it was thanks to the fax, not the chip, that the dog was returned to the family.
"A number came up on the chip but none of my details - they hadn't been entered," Mrs Ricketts said.
She was also angry the puppy had to spend a night at the pound because when the family arrived at 4.32pm to collect her they were told it closed at 4.30pm. That's just pissing you off when city officials AREN'T helpful.. especially in auckland when it takes an hour to get anyplace!

Waitakere City Council spokesman Benedict Collins said the council had a different computer system to others in Auckland. It was not compatible with the National Dog Database. All dogs in Waitakere City had to be entered into the new system, microchipped or not, and there was a backlog of about 5000 dogs, which would take another two weeks to catch up.

September 02, 2006

A dog box nobody would mind being in

A group of Feilding High School building students has put together a deluxe dog dwelling.

The project is for the Build-Ability Challenge, a feature of Building Careers Week, which runs from September 11-17.

Teams from 15 secondary schools around the country were given a $200 Mitre 10 voucher with only one requirement: the kennel must use Pink Batts.

Which, it turns out, was a bit of a problem, says Year 13 building teacher Norman Lind.

"It got expensive because Pink Batts is at least $60. Plus you have to double skin (to install it).
"If (NZ Sawn Products) hadn't given us the wood I don't know how we would have made the budget."

The end result is a dog box you wouldn't mind being stuck in.

It is heavy though, providing a challenge even for the five boys to lift. "It'll last," says Mr Lind.
"But I hope the ladies down (at the SPCA) don't have to move it too often," he laughs. MORE

September 01, 2006

Trade risk from way some petfood meat sourced

Food safety officials say they want to change rules covering the manufacture of animal feeds – including cat and dog food – because some companies are putting the health of domestic animals at high risk.

The problem also poses an indirect risk to trade, the New Zealand Food Safety Authority said today.

"The potential for substitution of unfit-for-animal material is primarily confined to the production of petfood," the FSA said today.

This was because of its high content of raw meat, offal, poultry, and fish, "and the potential for large gains" to be made by substitution of food unfit for animals. "Additional controls are required to manage risk associated with the procurement of source material," the authority said in a discussion paper, Animal Feed, released today. MORE

Legend born on wave of death

Wellington film giant Peter Jackson may attempt to stay true to history with his remake of 1955 war film The Dam Busters, but at least one detail is likely to be changed.

In the original, Wing Commander Guy Gibson's dog was called Nigger and that outdated racial slur became one of the code words used during the infamous dam raids. The little black dog in Jackson's remake probably will be named something a little less offensive to modern audiences.
I understand that it's an offensive term, but it was the name of the dog! hum... what do you think? I mean, the movie called The Fastest Indian is a bit offensive if you don't know it's about a motorbike. Indians are now called Native Americans...

The Dambusters were a legendary squadron of largely hand-picked airmen, including two Kiwis, who flew a dangerous mission to explode dams in western Germany while the Nazi war machine flexed its might.

Early in 1943 they trained for seven weeks, flying at tree-top level, unaware of what they were training for. MORE

Ageing chihuahua just wants to go home

Peanut is a small dog with big problems. starting with his name ...

The ageing long-haired chihuahua has been castrated, faces dentist bills that could reach $500 and is now looking for a new home.

Nelson Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals manager Donna Stringer said a new owner for Peanut would likely have to pick up the $300 to $500 dentist bill plus $80 for neutering, unless a separate donor picked up the bill.

By the time Peanut came to the shelter's care his dental hygiene was so bad that "he gagged when he swallowed due to the taste of his rotting teeth, not to mention the pungent smell". MORE
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