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December 28, 2005

Dog destroyed after girl bitten

A four-year-old girl had the end of her nose bitten off by a pet dog in Kaikoura last night.

The attack happened at 8pm in Oaro, said Sergeant Mike Western of Kaikoura police.
Mr Western said the girl was fortunate not to suffer more serious injuries. He said the jack russell had since been destroyed. "They are either angels or shockers."

He said he believed the attack was unprovoked, and occurred as the girl went to feed the animal. "It went for her, not the food bowl."

He said family pets such as labradors and jack russells were often responsible for dog bites.
The girl, from Parnassus in North Canterbury was visiting extended family in Oaro over Christmas. She had now been discharged from hospital, said Mr Western.

So why are dog breeds banned????

December 27, 2005

Giving passenger a ride gets driver in trouble

Nothing doggie about this, but I thought I'd include it as part of my thoughts on how New Zealand "authorities" have it over us... No wonder people are disgusted by the power-hungry. "Authority" here also means dog officers who fine a dog $300 for peeing on their neighbour's fence! Hell, speeding tickets are cheaper!

Nelson police are taking action against a Wanganui couple for taking the spirit of giving a little too far on Christmas Eve.

Sergeant Shane Miles said the pair were stopped by police on Haven Rd at 2.30am after they were noticed both seated behind the steering wheel of a car - the woman in the man's lap.
Mr Miles said the couple still had their trousers undone but the woman had returned to her own seat when the officer approached the vehicle.

The man was asked why he was driving with the woman on his lap. Before he had time to answer, his passenger replied; "Come on officer, it's Christmas - a time for giving".
The amusing reply didn't change the fact that this was an "incredibly stupid and potentially dangerous thing to do", Mr Miles said.

"Unfortunately, police see too many people taking things too far at this time of the year. They think they are having harmless fun but the potential for danger is actually quite high."
(Oh, give me a break!... doesn't 'giving a warning' mean anything around here?? Why or why must New Zealand 'authorities have to fine people... not enough taxes, isn't that it??)

A 21-year-old Wanganui man has been charged with careless driving but may not have to appear in court if he pleads guilty by letter. His 20-year-old passenger was fined for not wearing a seatbelt.

December 24, 2005

Man arrested after kidnap

A man sought by police after a woman said she was kidnapped at gunpoint and her dog shot has been caught as he made his way to his lawyer's office.

Police had been looking for Craig McKelvie, 35, from Wainuiomata, since Tuesday.
The 20-year-old victim had been exercising her dog in a car park on Upper Hutt's Riverbank Rd when she was kidnapped and taken by car to Akatarawa Cemetery. There, a man loaded a gun and pointed it at her before swinging around and shooting the dog.
He later dropped the woman off with the dying dog, in Akatarawa Rd.

....Police were seeking a 1996 green Honda Civic (registration UA3539) in connection with the incident.

December 23, 2005

Shooting pig dogs backed

Having their dogs shot is the only thing some pig hunters understand.

That's the view of Coromandel Peninsula-based forest manager Dave Anscombe, who has endorsed the actions of Environment Waikato councillor and Tairua conservationist Arthur Hinds in shooting nine pig dogs to date on land he owns or controls.

Mr Hinds has drawn the ire of members of the pig hunting community, but Mr Anscombe, who manages 2500ha of peninsula forest, said he would do the same if he could.
"Arthur is a very nice man who has reacted the way he has through being pushed into a corner," Mr Anscombe said. (click on title to read more)

Accused strikes deal in pet torture case

A Sentenced prisoner accused of abducting and torturing animals has admitted stealing a dog and failing to provide medical treatment to alleviate its suffering.

Uwe Herbert Charles Preuss, 29, appeared in Lower Hutt District Court yesterday to face two charges of animal theft, one of aggravated animal cruelty and one of causing an animal unnecessary pain and suffering. He pleaded guilty to reduced charges after a plea bargain with police.

December 22, 2005

Huntly mourns a family man who held community close to his heart

A family has fond memories to look back on after their loved father and husband Hirini Wawatai was killed along with his dog, Taupo, after being were hit by a vehicle on State Highway One in Huntly. Mr Wawatai was 77 when he was killed in the accident on December 13.

Woman kidnapped, dog shot in Upper Hutt

A terrified Upper Hutt woman was kidnapped and had to watch as her dog was shot in front of her, police say.

The 20-year-old woman's ordeal began when she was exercising her crossbred dog Iwi in a Riverbank St park about 5pm Tuesday.

A man drove up in a blue four-door car, pointed a sawn-off shotgun at her and ordered her and the dog into the vehicle, Detective John Fagan said.

They were then taken on a 10-minute drive to an isolated part of the Akatarawa Cemetery where the man parked the car. He loaded the gun, and allegedly pointed it at the woman before swinging it around and shooting the dog in the head.

As Iwi lay dying, the woman pleaded to be let out of the car and to be allowed to take him with her. The man dropped them off on Akatarawa Rd, near Potaka St. (click on title to read more)

In memory of loved companions

When Kathy Landsman's dog died, it took her four years before she could face getting another one. The german shepherd cross, Putzi, was originally her brother's Michael, who had died of cancer 10 years before.

"It was the final connection I had to my brother. The pain was overwhelming," Ms Landsman says. She's not alone.

An AC Nielsen readership survey conducted last year shows 52 percent of New Zealanders own a cat or dog.

Pets leave an indelible mark on owners' lives, offering unconditional love and companionship. Yet when they die, grieving their loss often isn't considered acceptable as compared to a human death. (click on title to read more)

December 21, 2005

let sleeping bears lie

Pet bull mastiff bites boy's face

A nine-year-old Ashhurst boy was bitten in the face while playing frisbee with the family dog, a bull mastiff, yesterday. "The boy was taken to hospital and the cut will require stitches," said Senior Constable Andy Nicholls. "It's not as bad as it sounds, but I suppose any cut to the face is bad.

"It was completely out of character for the dog and now the family is left with a very hard decision to make about it's future just before Christmas." Sen Const Nicholls said the dog was three-and-a-half years old and big. (click on title to read more)

How about the pitbull that bite that man's leg?!? Hum... out of character??

Dog left in closed car dies from heat

Palmerston North SPCA ambulance officers received a "dog in distress" call at 2.15pm and rushed to the scene, but found the animal had died minutes earlier.

"The temperature outside the car was 24.8 degrees," said senior inspector Val Gilbert.
"We didn't break into the vehicle because it was obvious the dog had died, but the temperature inside must have been about 40 degrees.

"It was one hell of a death for the dog. All the windows were closed and it hadn't even been left any water." I'm not sure that water would have saved this guy...

(click on title to read)

Dog bite victim in limbo after pitbull and its owner escape

The wounds are still evident on Tony Hewett's legs after an attack by a pitbull terrier on October 27. The Mt Roskill resident was walking home from the dairy about 10am when he saw the dog roaming free. He took little notice, but the next thing he knew the dog was biting his leg.

"It took a chunk out of my leg. The fang bites were very deep," the 69-year-old says.
The dog and owner moved away from the street soon after the attack and officials say they cannot do anything. Mr Hewett is far from impressed.

(.... )Auckland City's animal control contracts manager Clare Connell says both dog and owner have disappeared. "They have vanished without a trace." She says the dog has bitten before and is classified as menacing.

Ms Connell says it should be muzzled in public and the owner has been disqualified as a dog owner. Infringement notices have been issued against the dog and owner for previous offences.

(click on title to read more)

December 20, 2005

Dog killer jailed for 15 months

An Ashburton man who bludgeoned his partner's dog to death with an axe at the peak of a two-day rage has been sentenced to jail in the Ashburton District Court.

Peter James Green, 35, was sentenced yesterday to a total of 15 months jail and ordered to pay $150 reparation after pleading guilty to wilful ill-treatment of an animal, possession of an offensive weapon, wilful damage and breach of a protection order.

Judge Chris Somerville said Green's "calculated" act of rage was one of the most serious cases he had seen.

"When all the incidents are added together, it shows at that time you were an extremely dangerous person. You were consumed by anger and rage," the judge said.
The court heard Green had flown into a rage when his partner did not pick him up from a local hotel where he had been drinking. He went to their house, smashed five windows with his bare hands and damaged an internal wall. (click on title to read more)

Sticking up for animal rights

Nine-year-old Jessie Ramsay loves looking after all her animals - including ponies, dogs and puppies, goats, a pig, rabbits, pigeons, geese and ducks. But she realises not all animals are lucky enough to be able to run around and get exercised like those on her four-hectare block in Paranui Valley.

Jessie and her mother Marni have joined SAFE (Save Animals from Exploitation) and are now working to make other Whangarei residents more aware about animal conditions. The two have helped organise a street appeal on Friday and Saturday, as part of SAFE's national appeal.

They will have information and a petition for people to sign, with the main focus being battery hens this year, says Marni. (click on title to read more)

December 19, 2005

Mum, kids, dog lucky to survive plunge into Awakino River

A car plunged into the Awakino River on Saturday at the same spot that claimed three lives last Christmas – but this time the four occupants and their dog were lucky.

....But as it turns out, most of our interactions have involved me scrubbing fruitlessly at various stains on the lounge carpet while the dog whimpers outside, in disgrace.

The purchase of the dog involved a long, slow, psychological transition from cat owner to dog owner, a change that coincided with parenthood. I'd always admired the way cats treat their owners with contempt, other than when they want food. Now, however, I have two extra creatures in the house that treat me with contempt, other than when they want food and/or rollerblades. ... (read more by clicking on the title)

My life has gone to the dogs

There's something about rising from bed and stepping into a steaming puddle of warm urine that almost guarantees the rest of your day is not going to be good. The same might also be said for having your morning newspaper torn into thousands of fragments, discovering a pool of vomit on your dressing gown, and having to interrupt breakfast to explain to your small son that his favourite, teddy-shaped flannel has been eviscerated, covered in a thick film of saliva and buried in a shallow grave under the swing set.

Indeed, since I bought a dog, my house has turned into a never-ending Fear Factor of ghastly and unusual sensory horrors.

December 17, 2005

Principal accused of putting dog bone in boy's mouth

A Whangarei woman plans to ask police to charge a school principal after he allegedly forced her six-year-old son to grip a dog bone in his mouth for half an hour.

Janita Andrews is fuming after Morningside Primary School principal David Prchal was merely ordered to apologise to her after he made her son Judah put the bone in his mouth – in front of his classmates – as a punishment for biting a student during a lunch break.

"I've never experienced something so cruel. . . Putting a dog bone in his mouth is beyond me," Mrs Andrews said.

Mr Prchal allegedly picked up the 15cm-long bone from the backyard of the school caretaker's house and told Judah that people only put food in their mouths.

Mrs Andrews has pulled her son, nine-year-old daughter Iolei and five-year-old daughter Flo from Morningside Primary School. She now plans to contact police because she is not satisfied with the board of trustees' decision that Mr Prchal send her a letter of apology.
The board will also send a letter of apology. (click title to read more)

December 16, 2005

Major dog issue for repeat offender

Man's best friend will probably become a Riverton man's long-lost friend after the Southland District Council disqualified him from owning his own dog or any other dog until 2010.

At Wednesday's council meeting councillors agreed Timothy Pearce had not taken appropriate control over his four-legged friend, Major, a male neapolitan mastiff.

Problems began for Mr Pearce when his dog was impounded in May and he received an infringement notice for failure to keep his dog controlled or confined in accordance with Section 52A of the Dog Control Act 1996.

The following day Mr Pearce stole his dog from the Riverton pound and in November was prosecuted and convicted for releasing it.(click on title to read more)

December 15, 2005

Abandoned pets threat to kiwi

The New Zealand Kiwi Foundation is urging animal-owners not to dump unwanted cats and dogs during the summer holidays because of the threat they pose to kiwi.

The foundation, a Far North-based kiwi protection group, says the only Christmas gift the bird is likely to have this summer is a big increase in the number of hungry cats and dogs roaming in the bush. Spokesman Greg Blunden estimates that dozens of kiwi are killed every year by abandoned pets. The animals are often dumped in remote bush areas - the normal habitat for kiwi.

Birds in danger from dogs at Tiraumea Reserve

Dogs chasing birdlife in Pakuranga reserves are causing concern for residents and animal welfare groups. One dog owner has been fined by Manukau City Council for allowing their pet to chase ducks in Tiraumea Reserve. Pam Howlett of the SPCA's bird wing says dogs shouldn't be allowed to run free on shoreline parks.

"Not because dogs shouldn't have somewhere to run free, but there are too many people who flout the rules," she says.

so everyone pays .... great!

Dog attacks woman who aided child

A Featherston woman attacked by a dog as she tried to help a child faces at least six months of further surgery to repair her facial injuries.

Debra Brooking, an IT consultant working in Wellington, lost a chunk of her upper lip and suffered severe puncture wounds to her lower lip when she was attacked as she headed home from the railway station last Friday. She had urgent surgery at Hutt Hospital and is now recovering at home – though more treatment, including plastic surgery to remove scar tissue, is still ahead of her.

She was attacked by a mixed-breed dog that had no history of aggressive behaviour.
"I walk past that house twice a day en route to and from trains and it has never bothered me before," she said. (click on title to read more)

The lady said that the dog just appeared out of no where... the dog was in the yard at the time. I remember walking my dog last week where a dog just appeared out of nowhere and started having a go with Holmes, my dog. Poor thing had to defend himself and he did a good job too! The owner of that dog said that she couldn't understand it as he 'never did that before'. Hum....

Huntly man killed in accident while walking dog

14 December 2005
Waikato police have released the name of a 77-year-old man killed when hit by a four-wheel-drive vehicle while walking his dog north of Huntly yesterday.

He was Hirini Wawatai of Huntly, who was taken to Waikato Hospital in critical condition after the crash just before 6am, but died later. His dog was killed instantly.

Earlier police said the accident happened after a stationwagon failed to take a moderate left corner and ended up on the wrong side of the road.

December 14, 2005

Destruction of dog ordered after attackWednesday

The prosecution of a dog owner by Auckland City after his dog attacked and injured another dog is a timely reminder to all dog owners to keep their pets under control at all times.

In the Auckland District Court last week, Judge Deobhakta ordered the destruction of the dog. The dog's owner, Mr Justin Paddy, was convicted of owning a dog that attacked another dog, obstructing an animal control officer and of failing to control his dog at another separate incident. He was ordered to pay fines totalling $800, as well as $260 court costs, prosecution costs of $200 and the complainant's vet bills, which were $4,652. (click on title to read more)

It's expensive owning an untrained dog !!

December 12, 2005

Santa paws

12 December 2005
Though the jolly man in red is more used to dealing with children, he coped admirably with the two Yorkshire terriers at Wellington pet store Animates yesterday.

Owner Robin Roush, of Karori, said her two pooches had been very good this year and she reckoned they could be unwrapping a bag of their favourites – pigs ears – when Santa comes down the chimney in less than two weeks. (click on title to read more)

How many pooches can say to Santa: I never dug a garden, I never chased a cat, I never ate my neighbour's cat food, I never ate a chicken (oops) this past year?? How many? not many, but nor can people say the same. It's all about learning, making mistakes, and not doing it again. But a dog's brain is pre-wired, I'd say. But I lov'em just the same. It's a dog life.

December 11, 2005


This is a breed standard for identifing dogs, it could mean your dog is mistaken for another as the identification process is loose,

Please make a comment

(From Kelly... thanks)

December 10, 2005

Dogs put down after Auckland attack

09 December 2005
Two dogs seized after two animal control officers and a postal worker were attacked in south Auckland have been put down, Manukau City Council said today.

The attacks occurred on Wednesday and the two dogs, which were family pets, were seized later that day.
They were put down yesterday with the owner's permission. The council said it was evaluating its legal options. If prosecuted, the owner could face a maximum fine of $20,000 and up to three years in prison.
(click on title to read more)

All roads lead to Kaitaia for Tux Yarding Challenge

07 December 2005
All sheepdog trialling enthusiast roads will lead to the Kaitaia Showgrounds this weekend with the Tux sponsored Yarding Challenge attracting 156 dogs from all parts of the North Island.
Kaitaia and Northland Sheepdog Trial Association co-ordinator Merv Cameron says this is the biggest event of its kind seen to date in the Far North.

"We have canvassed hard for entries and have been overwhelmed with the response.
When we held the first Yarding Challenge in Kaitaia four years ago we had 100 dogs, now we have 156 competing," said Merv.

The big show starts this Friday, December 9 and runs Saturday and Sunday.
Friday's competition starts at 7 a.m. with 53 dogs competing which includes all the locals and the nearest northern competitors. (click on title to read more)

Man admits killing partner's dog with axe

07 December 2005
An unemployed Ashburton man who admitted killing his partner's pet dog with an axe was remanded in custody in Christchurch District Court today.

....Police prosecutor Sergeant Brent Register told the court Green had been in a relationship with his partner for five months and was living with her and her four children at her home in Middle Rd.

When Green's partner failed to pick him up from the Ashburton MSA Club about 7pm on Friday July 22, he walked home and began smashing windows.

Mr Register said Green cut his hand "in his frenzy" and splattered blood throughout the council-owned house, causing further damage to walls. His partner arrived home about 11pm, saw the damage and spoke to Green briefly before leaving the property to stay elsewhere for the night. ....

December 08, 2005

U2 A Reserve Tix **NOT 4 PROFIT**4 SPCA**

Yes - Thats right NOT FOR PROFIT!!! Well I wont be the one profiting anyway.

This auction is for 2x A reserve tickets for the U2 Vertigo concert at Ericcson Stadium on March 17, 2006.

I happened to have a lucky online hand yesterday and have 2 extra tickets. These tickets are in the A reserve area (it was B reserve area until the promoter extended the A reserve area) and are worth $400.So heres how it works. The reserve price is what I paid for the tickets and that is all I am asking for.

Any bidding over and above this will be donated to the SPCA. What dont believe me? Check out the SPCA website (, they will be displaying a link through to my auction. If you still dont believe me then the lucky buyer can be given the choice to meet up with an SPCA representative and myself to verify.

(CLICK on title to BID!)

Strays looking for some Christmas love

(03.12.05) On the first day of Christmas the SPCA received: 75 cats and kittens, 15 rabbits, 13 dogs and puppies, and eight birds.

The total of 111 animals is a high toll on the organisation, which is gearing up for its busiest time over the next two months.

Rachel Green, shelter manager at the Auckland SPCA branch, said it was frustrating for staff when people dumped animals because they were going on holiday or could not be bothered any more. (click on title to read more)

December 05, 2005

Send dog news

It's over 5 days without one news print about dogs! Am I missing out of something?
I am, surely.

Please send any articles to

They can be community newspapers ones... those that never get reported on the Net.


December 01, 2005

Diseases found in fleas

Our pets can help us feel happy, but tests are showing just how sick they can make us.

Researchers studying emerging infectious diseases say new laboratory methods have shown the presence of flea-borne diseases.

They have found what they consider high levels of nasty bacteria in fleas living on pets. Cats and dogs checked at vet clinics in Matamata, New Plymouth and Lower Hutt yielded between one and 13 "cat fleas" each. The researchers looked for the DNA of three bacteria linked to diseases.

Owner of dog sought

A truck driver with a soft spot for dogs is looking for the owner of one pooch in particular.

Kevin Burton was driving home from Palmerston North when he swerved for what he thought was a sheep near Mt Stewart about 12.30am on Sunday.

Mr Burton went back to rescue the animal from following traffic.
The sheep turned out to be a shitzu bichon dog worth up to $1300. (click on title to read more)
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