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February 25, 2011

Animal rescuers on stand-by

An animal search and rescue team says there have been no reports of significant animal injuries as a result of Tuesday's 6.3 earthquake which tore through central Christchurch.

A specialist 12-member team from Massey University has been on stand-by in Palmerston North for the past four days to provide emergency in-field veterinary treatment and disaster assessment in Christchurch if needed.
The team includes an equine surgeon, physiologist, animal behaviour specialist and veterinary technologist.
However, they have not yet been required following the Christchurch earthquake, a Massey University spokesman said.

February 22, 2011

Every guide dog has its day boosted by auction

Up to 800 items - including several sourced by Bayleys Queenstown - will go up for sale tomorrow in one of the biggest online auctions ever seen in New Zealand.
The Every Dog Has Its Day auction will be raising money for the Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind (RNZFB) Guide Dog Services, organised by Bayleys, the charity's principal sponsor.
Among the items included in the auction - which aims to raise $500,000 - are domestic holiday and leisure packages, sporting goods and memorabilia, electrical and household appliances, jewellery, artwork and clothing. MORE>>

February 20, 2011

It’s a Dog’s Life -- An exhibition of dogs from medieval to modern

Sir George Grey Special Collections presents an exhibition on dogs from medieval manuscripts to modern movie posters.

Why dogs? Dogs have been humanity’s best friend, and it’s oldest, with associations dating back over 12,000 years.

This exhibition will show the dog in terms of the world’s cultural and social history. It will also touch on how dogs have played a part in the history of New Zealand - beginning with the now extinct ‘native’ dog, brought by the first Maori to these islands [mainly as a source of food], explaining the dog tax rebellion, and introducing some of the roles dogs currently hold in the lives of New Zealanders around the country.

Additionally, an exhibition based on this ancient, and fascinating, animal allows us to showcase the vast and exciting array of material collected together within Sir George Grey Special Collections including, but not limited to, books, manuscripts, ephemera, photographs and medieval manuscripts. MORE>>

February 13, 2011

How to Love Your Dog – Valentine's Day Tips

Christchurch, February 14, 2011 – Children want to show love to dogs by giving hugs and kisses, but many dogs don’t like this. Most dog bites are to children, by the family dog or another dog known to the child. Hugs and kisses are a major cause of facial bites to children. Doggone Safe and The School of the Naked Dog offer suggestions for safe ways to love your dog that the dog will appreciate.

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Owner a hero with his mouth to mutt

A pet lover has told how he saved his choking dog - by giving him the kiss of life.
Phill Urquhart, an IT consultant from Nelson, said he didn't hesitate to perform CPR on golden Labrador Bayley because he considered him one of the family.
"His rear end was close to the ground and he was running around erratically. I jumped up and ran to him and realised he wasn't breathing."

Bayley collapsed and started convulsing on the kitchen floor. "His lungs were heaving, then he fell on his side unconscious. I thought he was gone."

Urquhart said he recalled basic first-aid techniques from his cub scout days and decided to perform a Heimlich manouevre. He felt under Bayley's ribcage and gave the Labrador a "really good push".
"A whole lot of froth and a ball of stuff came out of his mouth, it was horrible.
Urquhart urged other dog owners to learn basic first aid.

"I never thought I would have to use it but it just came back to me. My kids are calling me a hero. I'm enjoying it."

Alex Melrose, owner of Vet Care Grey Lynn in Auckland, said Urquhart took the right action and it was the first time he had heard of someone doing a Heimlich manoeuvre on a dog.


February 11, 2011

"Cooked" dog owner charged

A 74-year-old transsexual and former cowboy says she will defend a charge over the death of her dog, allegedly left to die in a hot car at a Christchurch mall. Annabell Quor's 10-year-old pomeranian Midgy died in a car parked at The Palms shopping centre just before Christmas.
The SPCA has charged Ms Quor with reckless ill-treatment of an animal. She could face up to three years in prison, a fine not exceeding $75,000, or both.

It's estimated the temperature in the car reached 33.4degC.

However, Ms Quor, former shearer and rodeo cowboy, said the SPCA was making an unnecessary example of her. "I'm not guilty of what they said. They just want to make a thing out of it," she told The Christchurch Star.

Hum.. not sure how she can say it wasn't animal cruelty... She left the dog in oven-like temperatures, and she thinks that she didn't do anything wrong?

"Why don't they get into these gangs that do dog fighting and pinch little dogs like that to get them ripped up?"

 Is dog fighting worse than leaving a dog to cook? does it really matter?

In December, SPCA manager Geoff Sutton told NZPA a dog or any animal trapped in a hot car would literally "cook" to death.

"It cooks really, from the brain, the blood, every part of it. A dog doesn't sweat like you and I do. A dog can only cool itself down through panting."

Owner fights city council to keep dogs

LIBAN KHOURY says she is being singled out by Auckland Council because of the breed of dogs she owns.

Blue and Deuce, American Staffordshire terriers, were seized by Auckland Council after conditions relating to the dogs were breached and three infringement notices had been issued.

They had been labelled as menacing dogs by the council. The dogs were given the label after wandering off the property and challenging members of the public, a council spokesperson says.

In the latest incident, the dogs escaped from their home after they chewed through their lead and jumped the fenced balcony while their owners were out.

"It's because of the breed of dog they are. They do look dangerous because they are cousins of the pit bull," Ms Khoury says.
"But you can't judge a dog by its looks."MORE>>

Action men fighting for pets' rights

TWO stuntmen who have become dedicated advocates for abused animals are making no apologies for their staunch style.
“We’re just two Kiwi guys a bit rough on the edges,” says Craig Dunn who, along with Shaughan Campbell, has founded Paw Justice to tackle animal abuse and neglect.
“Turning up in courtrooms, especially where there are gang-related people involved in animal abuse cases who give us the eyeballs, is not fun. We don’t deal with nice people.
“We’ve got to make a difference, so we have a different approach. It’s not fluffy.” MORE>>

Dogs show their class as crowds flock to champs

More than 1000 visitors flocked to the Victor Eaves Reserve in Orewa on Saturday for two all-breeds championship shows hosted by the Hibiscus Coast Kennel Association.
"We're thrilled with the way it went," assistant show manager David Hardwick says.
"The dogs came to the people and the people came to the dogs." MORE>>

February 06, 2011

Baby attacked in dog fight

A 10-month-old boy was lucky to escape serious injury after being attacked by a dog in a family home in Gisborne yesterday.

A fight between three boxer dogs inside the Centennial Crescent home took a terrible turn when a man tried to break up the fight, and one dog attacked the boy in his arms.MORE
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