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July 18, 2010

Crack-shot pooch's a star

His owner has been the butt of a many a joke this week, and now Tui the marksman mutt is in demand from the world's media.

The collie-labrador cross came to prominence when he managed to shoot Northlander John Farr in the buttocks after stepping on a loaded .22.

Farr, 40, had just helped to kill a pig and a cow on his brother Aaron's property near Dargaville when Tui jumped on the trigger.

Farr said last night he was very lucky. The hollow case bullet lodged 5cms above his waist. It entered through the left buttock and narrowly missed the spine. MORE>>

July 17, 2010

Dog groups prep for dumped Danes

Groups that care for Great Danes are preparing for a surge of rejected dogs, expecting the Hollywood movie Marmaduke will spur adoptions - then abandonments - of cute puppies which can grow to 77 kilograms and eat 10 cups of food a day.

The film, about an adorable yet clumsy pooch, debuted in US theatres last month but stumbled at box offices.

Still, it is prompting some demand for the breed, and dog groups are cautioning people that few families realize the resources needed to care for the big animals and can become overwhelmed.

"We're all holding our breath," said Sandy Suarez, director and founder of Michigan-based Great Dane Rescue Inc. "We're planning on seeing a problem in about eight to nine months when the dog starts to get really big." MORE>>

Group calls for harsher penalties for police dog killers

More than 800 people have joined an online group calling for the killers of police dogs to be charged with murder. The social networking group on Facebook has over 860 members.

The call for harsher penalties follows an incident in Phillipstown on Tuesday this week where two police officers and a six-year-old police dog, Gage, were shot.


This is interesting... shooting a police dog would get you life in jail. And what about all the other service dogs out there? Guide Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Hearing Dogs?? Would they get the same treatment.

Amazing that people think that a dog's life is worth a human's life... and to think that not 100 years ago, people didn't think that dog's had souls.

Police dog Gage farewelled

The police dog shot dead in Christchurch this week was farewelled this afternoon.

Senior Constable Bruce Lamb, his family and other police said goodbye to Gage in a private ceremony.

The dog was killed when Lamb and colleague, Constable Mitchel Alatalo, were shot after entering a dwelling in suburban Phillipstown. (with no authorisation)

Both men, taken to hospital, were discharged yesterday and have made good recoveries.

A police statement said the short service was a chance for Lamb to say a final goodbye and words to his "courageous good mate who has worked alongside him for the last six years". MORE>>

And to think that this dog would have been alive if the police officers would have followed the court case example that police officers don't have a right to search you for drug because ''they sniffed cannabis on you". That was the reason that the police officers said they visited that house. ... and to think that it was an illegal entry.

Of course, those people in the house went over the top in defending their property. Obviously, they had something to hide, but if they knew the law, they would have known they would have had legal redress. But that is the nature of drug laws that are politically motivated rather than based on evidence of harm.

July 13, 2010

Dog shoots man in backside

A Northland man has good cause to question whether his dog truly is his best friend after the canine leapt on to a loaded rifle and accidentally shot him in the backside in a freak, but potentially fatal, accident.

Police believe the dog may have accidentally stepped on the trigger of the .22 rifle involved in the shooting of a 40-year-old Te Kopuru man on Saturday afternoon.

The man, a back seat passenger in a 4WD, was shot in the buttocks when the dog jumped on to the loaded gun on the vehicle's back seat, at a Te Kopuru property, about 13km south-east of Dargaville. MORE>>

Pitbull attack puts boy in hospital

The title is a bit of a media hype...

An 8-year-old boy suffered a "nasty gash" to his face when he was attacked by a dog yesterday afternoon.

The boy, who was rushed to Middlemore Hospital by ambulance, was believed to have been visiting an address in Hindmarsh St, Henderson, when he was bitten on the side of his face by a pitbull terrier.

Detective Sergeant Eugene Pickett said the boy was known to the family who owned the house, although his relationship to them was unknown.

Police, called to the scene by responding paramedics, arrived to find some tension among those at the scene.

"Everybody was just so upset and the owner of the dog was shocked ... It was quite a nasty gash to the [boy's] face," Mr Pickett said. MORE>>

Never leave a dog and a child alone! That's the mantra. It will save your dog's life!

I would personally like to have described exactly what the child did before the bite, what type of body signals the dog was giving to the humans to say "I'm uncomfortable, leave me alone".

We teach kids and we get kids to repeat the phrase "Dogs don't like hugs and kisses!" If the dog is by itself, leave it alone. We have a game called Doggone Crazy which kids really like to play.. they soon learn how to approach a dog, judge the dog's body language to know if the dog is safe or not so safe and have fun learning!

This is a terrible outcome for everybody. The owner of the pitbull should have been a lot more vigilant about their dog. They KNOW it's a pitbull, the KNOW that they don't have good press, they should have known not to leave the dog unsupervised...

Can someone please tell me how much the council is giving for Dog Education out of the money that dog owners pay?

  • Is it cost effective?
  • Do the people who give talks to schools, and such do a follow up to their education?
  • Are the programme given by trained professionals who have experience with teaching children?
  • Do their programme have a training in order for them to give it?
  • Is there consistency around the country around dog bite prevention?
  • Do councils share information about their dog education programme?
  • Is it considered high priority?
  • Are parents willing to spend money educating their children about dogs and dog safety?

July 10, 2010

More dogs abandoned as Hutt registration deadline nears

Pet ownership is a big responsibility, one that shouldn't be taken lightly.

Hutt City Council Animal Services staff know this only too well - they're the ones whose job it is to care for dogs found roaming the city's streets.

They also have to cope with pets whose owners are either unable or unwilling to look after them, and that includes the highly upsetting task of having to arrange to put them down if a new home can't be found for them.

Animal Control officer Jane Schuitema says there has been a run recently of dogs dropped off to the pound due to marriage breakups.

"We also get them from people who surrender them due to work commitments and health issues."


* If you can provide a good home for a pet contact the staff at Animal Services on 570 6666.

The city council's website includes the Animal Services "Adopt-a-dog" page and you can also read about the service's rehoming success stories via the "Happy Endings" page.


From January 2009 to May 2010 in Hutt City:

- 1136 dogs were impounded

- 207 were euthenased

- 823 were released/sold/etc

July 08, 2010

Pitbulll or Labrador? A dog on death row - Video

Campbell Live brings you the story of a council, a family, two very different breeds, and a dog on death row. - read full story »

What a sad, sad story. This is exactly why breed-specific legislation is a croak of shite! It doesn't work and it will never work. I feel sorry for the family and the dog. The dog being in that pound will only develop behaviours that he needs to develop in order to stay alive!

Watch the next video... if you don't thing that breed-specific legislation is a load of crap!

Couple spend $500,000 to keep dog alive - Video

The couple claim their family pet is a Staffordshire Terrior, but the local council claim it's a pitbull and should be destroyed. - read full story »

"Somebody has to be their voice", this dog owner said

Pedigree dogs targeted by thieves - Video

Increasingly thieves appear to be targeting 'designer' dogs. The pedigrees, like bichon frise and the popular cross breeds - those part poodle pups, like spoodles and labradoodles. - read full story »

Dogs straining at leash for new homes

Major is a strong boy who is looking for a best friend.

He is loyal, hardworking and likes taking long walks on the beach.

Major is of course a dog – a german shepherd-cross to be exact – and one of about 20 dogs at the Te Awamutu SPCA who needs a home. Last month the Royal New Zealand Society for the Protection of Animals (RSPCA) stepped in to take control of the branch after the Waipa District Council threatened to prosecute because of on-going issues around the number of dogs being held on the premises.

Chief executive Dianne Gray was stood down pending an investigation by the RSPCA and volunteers from other SPCAs stepped in to bridge the gap until a permanent solution can be found.


July 06, 2010

Puppy shot in face during home invasion

A puppy required reconstructive surgery after being shot in the face during an Invercargill home invasion on the weekend.

Two men dressed in camouflage and armed with a .22-calibre rifle entered the unlocked Woodhouse Street house about 10pm on Saturday and demanded drugs from a man living there, police said.

The man locked himself in a bedroom before a number of shots were fired, with one hitting the puppy, Detective Sergeant Dave Nelson said.

The puppy underwent surgery to remove the bullet from its jaw, before reconstruction on its nose.

Mr Nelson said police were still hunting the offenders and anyone with information should contact police.


July 05, 2010

Dog rescued after nine days down cliff

A dog that spent nine days at the bottom of a 60-metre Otago cliff without food or water has been reunited with his owner.

Rusty the collie disappeared from Bronwyn Shute's property at Owaka, 30km south of Balclutha, last week, and she had given up hope of seeing him again, the Otago Daily Times reported.

But Rusty had luck on his side when a tourist who heard him barking near the Jacks Blowhole Track on Saturday afternoon raised the alarm.

The Fire Service was called to the cliff and deputy chief officer Kelly Chambers abseiled down to rescue the nine-year-old dog.

"He just about licked me to death," Mr Chambers said.

Rusty would have "been history" if any rough seas came along, he said.

Ms Shute said Rusty was now "as good as gold".

TV3 Video of Rusty
Nine days after he went missing, Rusty the border collie was discovered at the bottom of a cliff, barking to be rescued. - read full story »

July 02, 2010

SPCA welcomes passing of animal cruelty bill

The SPCA has applauded the Government for passing the Animal Welfare Amendment Act, which will see increased penalties for the neglect and ill-treatment of animals.

SPCA branches were delighted about the new law, chief executive Robyn Kippenberger said.

The maximum sentence for wilful ill-treatment of an animal has been increased from three to five years and the maximum fine doubled to $100,000 for an individual and $500,000 for a company.

Penalties also increase for a range of other neglect and ill-treatment offences and the Act expands the law relating to forfeiture of animals and disqualification from having them. MORE>>

July 01, 2010

SPCA premises 'filthy'

Te Awamutu's SPCA chief executive has stepped down after being threatened with prosecution over the "filthy" state of the society's premises in the Waikato town.

Dianne Gray was asked to give up her post pending an investigation from the national body for the prevention of cruelty to animals after Waipa District Council found the dog-runs to be overcrowded and in a squalid condition.

I can't quite really imagine an SPCA doing the thing that they prosecute animal owners for...

There must be too many dogs out there for them to care for, or not enough money for building new facilities, or not enough education around the community about the care and responsibility of dogs/cats, or perhaps the consequence of a policy of no-kill in these facilities, if they have a policy like this.

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