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Reviewing the dog news in New Zealand with editors comments. Someone needs to keep reviewing how our dogs are doing in society.

March 26, 2009

Aggressive dog tasered

An aggressive dog was the first target of a North Shore police taser since the weapon became permanent on March 1.

North Shore police area commander inspector Les Paterson says police destroyed a crossbred dog similar to a pitbull in Glenfield on Saturday afternoon.

Police were called after a person was bitten when the aggressive dog attacked their dog. Mr Paterson says the aggressive dog became very agitated and ran from police through the neighbourhood. Police cornered and shot the dog after an unsuccessful taser attempt, he says.

"Police are not equipped to secure dangerous dogs and couldn’t risk it getting away again and hurting someone else," says Mr Paterson.

He says the injured person was treated for moderate injuries.

Sheese, of course a taser wouldn't work on a dog! Their pain theshold is a lot more than ours, and all you end up doing is making the dog more aggressive !!

March 24, 2009

Dog's death prompts warning over plant

A dog's death has prompted a public health warning over a poisonous native plant. The dog died from eating karaka berries in an Auckland park.

Auckland Medical Officer of Health Dr Simon Baker says the long oval green and orange berries fall from trees at this time of year and are attractive to both children and dogs.

He says parents need to be aware of what plants around their homes are poisonous and teach their children not to eat or gather any berries or plant material without adult supervision.

March 19, 2009

Animal advocates test fur samples

Tests will be done on at least six samples - from soft toys to cheap made-in-China winter coats - after the start of a campaign this week to ban the import of cat and dog fur, says animal welfare group SAFE.

It will conduct DNA tests, costing about $100 each, in a bid to prove New Zealanders could be unknowingly buying products made of cat and dog fur, says spokesman Hans Kriek.

"Everyone loves a bargain, but what people don't know is that some of the cheap imported products we get from Asia are actually cat and dog fur in disguise," Mr Kriek said. MORE>>

have your say here

March 16, 2009

Unsung Heroes: Dog champ has seen untold animal cruelty

It was a puppy called Yani who turned Denise Sharp into a rescue champion.

Ms Sharp opened the German Shepherd Rescue Trust in 2002 after her three-year-old pet died following a long string of health problems.

Although the 59-year-old had always had animals, Yani's struggles helped claim a piece of her heart for all German shepherds, she said.

"I still get teary talking about it. Anyway, about the same time I got a call saying there's this dog [a German shepherd], the owner is going overseas. Could I help?

"It kind of grew like topsy; we had more dogs before we knew it."

The trust takes in dogs who haven't been claimed from animal control, or have been neglected, and finds homes for them with the help of volunteer foster families.

Since Ms Sharp started, the trust has helped 752 animals find families. MORE>>

March 14, 2009

Dog obesity still a growing problem in New Zealand


Dog obesity still a growing problem in New Zealand

It might seem unusual for a pet food company to be encouraging consumers to feed their pets less of their product. However, that’s exactly what Purina New Zealand is recommending to owners with overweight dogs to help them live longer.

“There’s no doubt that New Zealand has an increasing number of overweight dogs,” says Crystal Corben, a Veterinary Nurse and Pet Care advisor for Purina New Zealand.


Ms Corben says overweight dogs may be susceptible to health problems such as impaired heart and breathing functions, digestive disturbances, skin problems and diabetes.

“The veterinary prescription for helping dogs live longer isn’t a vaccine or medication; it’s simply smaller portions of food,” says Ms Corben.

Ms Corben cites findings from a 14-year study by Purina USA that monitored the effects of diet on life span and age-related changes in dogs.

The 14-year Purina “Life Span” study found that dogs that consumed 25 percent fewer calories than their littermates during their lifetimes maintained a lean or ideal body condition*, resulting in a longer life.

“The results show that lean dogs can live longer and healthier lives,” says Ms Corben. MORE>>

This, of course, is the same in humans. since I know this, why am I not getting out there ?!, except for dog walks, and bike runs?

March 12, 2009

Mother cat adopts four ophaned puppies

A cat is defying the laws of nature.The maternal feline which is already the mother of two kittens has adopted four orphaned puppies.

She gave birth to her own litter on Valentines Day, the same day that the young pups were born. The pup's mother was hit by a car when they were just three days old. The cat's owner says he was surprised at his cat's unusual behaviour. Watch video here>>

March 11, 2009

Dog bylaw change applies to one beach only

Dog bylaw change applies to Paraparaumu/Raumati beach only

The relaxation in enforcement of the Kapiti Coast District Council’s Dog Bylaw 2008 applies only to the stretch of beach from Takitimu Road, Raumati to the Kapiti Boating Club, Paraparaumu Beach, Council’s Assets & Services GM, Gary Simpson said today.

“Some people seem to think Council’s decision not to enforce the bylaw on that beach means the whole bylaw has been withdrawn and it’s open slather on all beaches,” he said.

“This is definitely not the case. Neither is it the case, as reported earlier in the week, that dogs can “romp free” on Paraparaumu Beach. MORE>>

March 10, 2009

Woman bites police after dogs taken

Hamilton police found a woman's bite worse than her dogs' bark when she violently objected to the animals' seizure last night.

Police were called to an Avalon Drive property after the woman refused to hand over her three dogs to city council dog control officers, who had a warrant to seize them. MORE>>

someone is willing to go to court for her dogs!

March 04, 2009

The man who strangled fiance's dog revealed

Wayne Williams repeatedly beat his fiance's beloved fox terrier with a metal pole then strangled it to death.

Williams pleaded guilty to wilful ill-treatment of an animal causing death and is to be sentenced at Manukau District Court later this month.

The SPCA described the death of the fox terrier named Gee Gee as "as one of the worst cases" of animal cruelty they had ever seen and hoped Williams got the maximum sentence the judge could impose.

Williams could face up to three years in prison or a $50,000 fine or both for the pet killing on November 11 last year.

Williams declined to comment about the case when Sunday News approached him earlier this week.


I'd rather he go to jail... too bad the max is 3 years!

Dove and blind dog find love

It is a blind date with a difference.

Doris the dove and Tekau-Fota the alsatian-labrador cross make unlikely companions but owner Gordon Blair says the pair have been inseparable for nearly two months.

Tekau-Fota is 11 and starred in a Qantas advertisement as a young pup. He has cancer which has led to recent blindness. MORE>>

March 02, 2009

Vet School Defends Using “Patients” in Vivisection Dog Labs

You wouldn’t think a veterinarian would have to say, “I love animals.” After all, doctors don’t say, “I love people.” But in 200 email messages to the Daily O’Collegian, the Oklahoma State University (OSU) student newspaper, that’s just what vets and vet students are saying to defend the vet school’s live dog labs.

Seems Madeleine Pickens, wife of billionaire T. Boone Pickens, was about to gift the university’s Center for Veterinary Health Sciences $5 million until she learned of the repeat and terminal surgeries performed on man’s best friend in its labs and withdrew the largesse.

What she failed to understand, wrote irate vet students and faculty, was the only major organs removed in dog labs are reproductive ones!

The dogs–amassed by Class B dealers from pounds and surrendering owners–would be euthanized anyway! MORE>>

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