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April 29, 2008

Hair of the dog keeps kid's allergies at bay

Having a dog in the house reduces the risk that young children will develop allergies, German researchers said.

The finding, based on a six-year study of 9000 children, lends weight to the theory that growing up with a pet trains the immune system to be less sensitive to potential triggers for allergies like asthma, eczema and hay fever.

Just why this should be is unclear but scientists believe youngsters may get beneficial early exposure to germs carried into the house on the animal's fur, which helps their immune systems develop.

"Our results show clearly that the presence of a dog in the home during subjects' infancy is associated with a significantly low level of sensitisation to pollens and inhaled allergens," said Joachim Heinrich of the National Research Centre for Environmental Health in Munich. MORE>>

April 26, 2008

Danny is dogs' best friend and lifesaver

A teen aiming to be a policeman may have a career as a police dog handler after saving five pups dumped in a Te Puke stream.
I know that this is just a way of journalist to make a nice story, but what's the correlation between saving pups and being an effective dog handler?

Danny Steer, 17, has been credited with saving the lives of at least two of the blue heeler-cross puppies, which he found yelping in Ohineangaanga Stream in the Bay of Plenty town on Monday.
The Te Puke High School year 12 pupil had finished a five-hour shift at Bayliss Packhouse just after 11pm when he heard the dogs.
"I ran over and saw these three puppies half out of the water," he said. "I pulled them out and put them on the grass and then saw two more trying to climb out." MORE>>

April 24, 2008

Dog smells rat on pest-free NZ island

A tracker dog has sniffed out a rat on a small New Zealand island thought to be free of predators.

The dog was sent to Motuihe Island, in Auckland's Hauraki Gulf, after rat tracks were found at five tracking stations.

The Department of Conservation (DOC) said earlier Wednesday it did not know if they were made by one rat or more than one. MORE>>

Dog day afternoon (+ video)

Boxer dog Paris is used to being put through her paces by owner Stevie Williams but a Wellington pet fashion parade meant barking up a different tree altogether. MORE>>

April 21, 2008

Baking for the barkers

This party gives the phrase "a dog's dinner" a new meaning.

A group of Christchurch people have got together to throw a party -- for their dogs.

"People enjoy parties for different reasons," said Kathleen Crisley, organiser and owner of eight-year-old birthday bitch Daisy.

"If you enjoy your dog and you enjoy a party then you will enjoy this. You don't have to dress the dog up in clothes or carry them around in a box or anything like that."

However, the party at the Christchurch Dog Training Club did serve a specially baked birthday cake, as well as laying on party games. MORE>>

April 19, 2008

Drought cancels record number of sheep dog trials

rolonged drought conditions around much of the country have forced a record number of regional sheep dog trials to be cancelled this year.

At least six trials have been cancelled in the North Island, and two in the South Island.

The president of the New Zealand Dog Trial Association, Merv King, says the drought has been putting a lot of stress on the sheep, which are much lighter than normal.

Having sheep locked up for dog trials when they are already under stress is not a good idea at this time of year, he says. MORE>>

April 18, 2008

Opinions split on dog-free reserve

East And Bays Courier- Not all residents agree that the dog ban on Glendowie’s Tahuna Torea Reserve should be lifted.

St Heliers resident and Forest and Bird central Auckland committee member Nanda MacLaren is one person who feels the reserve area should be kept dog-free.

"I know it’s hard for dog owners to appreciate, but there is a group of people who actually enjoy not having dogs around," she says.

The Auckland City Council banned dogs from the reserve in 2004, given the importance of the area to wading birds.


"It seems fair that the council should give this group a place to enjoy themselves, as much as they support other minority groups."

When the council considered the ban submissions were made in support of it and suggested that people be allowed to enjoy a reserve that was free at all times from the presence of dogs, given that Tahuna Torea is the only reserve on the Auckland isthmus where dogs are banned.

Ms MacLaren says that before the bylaw was in place, people would still let their dogs off the leash. The size and location of the area made it very difficult to enforce any leashing requirements within the reserve.


Written submissions to the council regarding dog bylaws and policies can be submitted until May 2. A hearing will be held at a later date.

April 17, 2008

Welcome to the world of Animal Aunts

When the wealthy jet off on holiday, someone has to live in their beautiful homes and look after their animals. Brenda Webb spends a winter caring for precious and pampered English pets.

Being wealthy is a prerequisite, with fees ranging from $150 a day for a dog and cat to $300 plus for six stabled horses.

On top of that the client pays travelling expenses, food costs and extra fees if the horses need to be exercised ($20 per horse per day).

With an equestrian and farming background, partner David Morgan and I have found ourselves in demand since being accepted as Animal Aunts two years ago. MORE>>

April 14, 2008

Pedigree killed in flea product mix-up

Pretty catchy title.. using pedigree instead of dog. Does this make it worse? How would "Staffy killed in flea product mix-up" or "Dog killed in... "
Alas... lets read on..

A popular animal treatment is under investigation after an Auckland man accidentally killed his beloved family pet.

The distraught dad says he poisoned his pedigree pomeranian with an overdose of a fleakiller sold in supermarkets but had no idea the product could put his dog at risk.

I know what he means, but really... it is a poison that you are inserting into the dog.

If he would have read Doglinks, he would have read about the natural treatment and that is putting apple cider vinegar in the dog's water. Of course, it needs to be done at each water bowl fill up. I suppose that's difficult for people to remember.

The case has prompted an inquiry by the Food Safety Authority's Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines Group which says it will look into the adequacy of labelling on the product, Spotton, sold by Bayer, and the circumstances of the dog's death.

The Auckland man, who asked not to be named, says he blames himself for the mixup which has devastated his family.

"I feel like the devil."

He applied a 1ml capsule of fleakiller three times over three months to his tiny pet, Lady failing to notice the label which said the product should not be used on dogs weighing less than 10kg.

I guess it true what they say about guys: they don't read instructions (chuckle) Ya ya, you say that this is no laughing matter..


"We thought it was something she'd eaten, then I noticed she smelled like the treatment and I thought `Oh God, it's the flea stuff' and I went and checked the label. That's when I saw it was for dogs of 10kg and up. I thought `what have I done?"' Doh!!

He said as his wife cradled Lady's body, she noticed that the dog "still had bloody fleas".

What ?! now that's more of a worry !

Read more about Spotton in the article.

Trade Me ad for starving dog lands owner in court

Debbie Hotene should never have advertised her dog for sale on Trade Me, and certainly should not have said in the ad that it had been neglected for six months.

The sale landed her in court and cost her almost $450.The Trade Me purchaser of Hooch, a Neapolitan Mastiff, immediately called in the SPCA.

Inspector Vicki Border found Hooch had a body score of two out of nine, meaning it was so thin its ribs and spine were clearly visible. The animal's weight of 39kg should have been between 50 and 60 kg and it had other heath issues.

In Manukau District Court on Friday Hotene, who lives in Manukau, south Auckland, pleaded guilty to failing to provide sufficient food and vet treatment.She was convicted and ordered to pay reparations to the SPCA of $444.


April 10, 2008

Victim fights for death-row dogs

Two Havelock North dogs are on death row after killing two pet rabbits - but the rabbits' owner is urging the council to spare them.

Hana Tangohau's mixed-breed dogs, Rhyme, and Rhyme's eight-month-old pup Whirl, escaped from her property on the morning of February 15 when a closed gate was left open.

The dogs crossed the road and killed two pet rabbits. A third rabbit disappeared. Smart rabbit! As a kid, when I had rabbit in a cage in my backyard, I had a nightmare (which I can still remember) in which the Lab from across the road came and had my rabbit in his mouth. As I remember, with its head right in its mouth. I saw this, and pull rabbit out of its mouth. Then I woke up. So what does THAT mean?

The rest of the article demonstrate how stupid, how dumb our council laws are OR our city council workers. They say 'we're just doing our job, just like the people closing 'those' doors in Germany.

Don't council workers have a brain?! Can't they bend the rules ?! Look how much the council is getting from all this. I'm glad this made the news!


Ms Tangohau said the officer told her she would need to sign a form allowing him to destroy the dogs.

"I asked him when and where did the attack happen, but he told me it was confidential.

"I said, `Can't we talk about this? Can't I apologise to the person and pay them for the damage?' He said, `No, they don't want anything from you'." this is the lie!! read further

Ms Tangohau eventually established the rabbits' owner was Helen Kiwara, who lived across the road.

On March 26 Ms Tangohau visited Ms Kiwara and asked whether the matter could be sorted out without going to court. She paid Ms Kiwara an undisclosed sum in compensation.

Ms Kiwara was surprised by what Ms Tangohau had been told by the animal control officer, as all she wanted was an apology, an offer of compensation and an assurance the dogs would not be free to roam again.

Ms Kiwara contacted the council and asked that the charges be withdrawn.

"I am angry they [the dogs] killed my rabbits, as I loved them dearly. But I should have been informed of Ms Tangohau's offer and been able to make a decision then. When you take decisions like this out of people's hand... NO WONDER we have disrespect for law and order! Are you going to ring council next time you see a dog roaming... especially when you see it has its tags and all you want is for the dog to go home (which bypassing The Pound!)

"Having spoken to Ms Tangohau, I am more than happy with her sincere apology and her explanation. I think the charges should be dropped."

But the council would not drop the charges and wants to destroy the dogs.

Community safety manager Malcolm Hart would not comment when contacted by The Dominion Post yesterday.

Since the attack Rhyme and Whirl have been held in the council's dog pound at a cost of $10.50 each a day to Ms Tangohau.

What do YOU think ?!?

April 06, 2008

SPCA boss in rottweiler row

A family claims to have fled its rented home over fears for its safety after their neighbour, Wellington SPCA's head, adopted an abused rottweiler.

Wellington film director Bart Kropelnicki complained to Wellington City Council, claiming SPCA chief executive Judi Weir's dog bailed him up and pinned him against a car while growling and barking on her Roseneath home's unfenced driveway in January.

He says she was using the rottweiler as a guard dog, a claim she disputes. MORE>>

More to this than what I just printed here. It's basically a neighbour using the excuse of a 'dangerous dog' to get out of his lease arrangements .. at least that's what I read into it!

April 05, 2008

Dog-less life unimaginable

Donald Hunt couldn't imagine life without Zues his dog.

Thirty years ago a congenital condition left the Waimate man blind, and for nearly two decades he has been guided by a dog.

Yesterday he was in Timaru helping the Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind with its annual appeal. The Red Puppy Appeal runs until Sunday.

"Zues is very important to me," Mr Hunt said.

The golden retriever was his third guide dog. He had had him for five years."He's a great natured dog and very submissive. "He always does what is asked of him." MORE>>

The doglinks' team went out last night in Christchurch collecting for the Red Puppy Appeal. Our dog Holmes got lots of pat and many people were very generous. Some giving twice. We hit the streets in town around 7pm and didn't leave well over 9pm. We always have a good time, but I must admit that my feet were getting a bit tired.

Holmes did his bit for his fellow canine cousins. Well done Holmes!

April 03, 2008

Dogs catch flu directly from birds, study finds

Several pet dogs became ill and died from what turned out to be purely avian strains of seasonal flu virus, the researchers reported in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases.

"Our data provide evidence that dogs may play a role in interspecies transmission and spread of influenza virus," Daesub Song of Green Cross Veterinary Products Company Ltd in Yong-in, South Korea and colleagues reported on human flu strain. But the varieties that infect birds and people look different on the genetic level.

Song's team investigated outbreaks among dogs.

"From May through September 2007, cases of severe respiratory disease occurred in animals at three veterinary clinics located 10 to 30km apart in Kyunggi Province and one kennel located in Jeolla Province (southern South Korea)," they wrote. MORE>>

April 02, 2008

Help needed to give a priceless gift

The Red Puppy Appeal will help to give vision- impaired people the gift of independence.

She says she was drawn to the charity because she has a blind friend.The foundation aims to put 100 puppies a year into training."They provide a level of independence and companionship that no other instrument can."Once a person has a guide dog they can go anywhere." Guide dogs have been in New Zealand since 1973. MORE>>

April 01, 2008

Rogue dog kills cats

A family mourning the death of three of their cats in vicious dog attacks fear the next casualty could be a child.

The Olssons of Sonterra Close in Manurewa have lost three cats in dog attacks in just two months.

Mr Wilson says the council is "ecstatic" that free dog training sessions last weekend and next weekend were fully booked with 144 dog owners and a waiting list of about a dozen people.
The sessions are aimed at dogs with little or no formal training.

Great dane a towering celebrity

Fans mob him whenever he leaves the house, strangers leap out of cars to snap photos and everybody wants to talk about him.

But this three-year-old Remuera "mummy’s boy" is no pouting prima donna.
Leo, an impressive 65kg great dane, recently arrived in New Zealand with the Ivanac family from a remote Australian farm in Nalinga, Victoria.

His celebrity status has come with the move to suburbia where his breathtaking size is rare.

MORE>> Imagine this boy in your bed!

Dogs rescue woman hurt in fall

An Upper Hutt woman survived a fall on to rocks and a night in the open before passing dogs found her.

The woman, 44, slipped and fell below the Bridge Rd reservoir, north of Upper Hutt, after heading to the dam for a walk late on Sunday. She spent all night lying semi-conscious on cold rocks before being found.

Birchville resident Linda Fowler was jogging at 7.30am yesterday when her purebred Staffordshire bull terriers, Amba and Bugsy, veered off the track. Miss Fowler kept running but the persistent howls of her dogs led her back. "I kept calling them but they wouldn't come. They just stayed there."

(...)"She had been lying virtually under a waterfall all night. It's extremely lucky that she didn't perish and that the dogs found her when they did."


Isn't this a great story, especially giving Staffies a good name !! as it says in the article

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