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Reviewing the dog news in New Zealand with editors comments. Someone needs to keep reviewing how our dogs are doing in society.

June 30, 2007

Dog survives night in freezing waters to return home

Bingo the bitzer dog defied the odds and survived swimming through freezing waters and a night in the open before being found on Waiheke Island with a wag in his tail last night.

Thirteen-year-old Bingo was being looked after by a dog-sitter, Mark Brown, when he leapt off a boat – possibly to "chase some dolphins" – on Wednesday, one nautical mile offshore from Waiheke Island.

The Coastguard was notified and immediately alerted all boats in the area to keep an eye out for the small brown dog. MORE>>

Is that really great! People looking out for our dogs!

June 29, 2007

Woman sucked into open drain saving dog

Dog-lover Brooke Noonan never dreamed her life would be at risk in Craigavon Park.

She has walked her three dogs at the Blockhouse Bay reserve for two years and thought it was safe.

But she faced a near-death experience when her dog Murphy was sucked into an uncovered stormwater drain during Friday's heavy rain.

When she jumped in to help the year-old german shepherd, Ms Noonan was sucked in by the legs and was left fighting for her life for several minutes. MORE>>

How we love our dogs!

June 28, 2007

Dog Trials: Daisey deals to rivals

Northland was well represented at the New Zealand and North Island sheep dog trial championships run over six days at Mangamingi in Taranaki.

For a second consecutive year Northland can claim a national champion heading dog, with Whangarei's John Nelley taking out the long head event with Daisey.

After trailing narrowly in second, Nelley showed his experience and Daisey her class to put up the winning run, only dropping a point and a half to overtake local man Steve Murphy and Glide to claim the title. MORE>>

Pets cut weight for reality TV

Look out, Richard Attenborough, reality TV is going quadrupedal. What could possibly come after TV3's new dog dieting programme, Downsize My Pet? Changing Pets? What Not to Wear – Pets? And there's an inevitable Paris Hilton spinoff: What Pets Not to Wear.

Coming after those Supernanny shows on dog training, the idea of a weight-loss show for pets produced groans even in this dog-ridden household. The food police have cordoned off the tuckshop, but must they now hover over the Whiskas and fat-test the Meaty Bites?

But, as is inevitable with anything involving nice householders and cute animals, Downsize My Pet was rather a good watch. And it contained useful information – not least that many people misguidedly stuff their pets full of quantities of food they couldn't possibly cope with themselves.MORE>>

In regards to the TV show, the one thing that really irritated me what the fact that the dog wasn't allowed his bone. Bones are great for dogs. They keep them out of boredom, and they help keep their teeth clean. The show says that we should brush our dog's teeth when in fact, bones do a great job!

June 26, 2007

Abused pup ready for new home

A young dog who hit the headlines after suffering horrific abuse has recovered from his ordeal and is looking for a new - and loving - home.

Job was found without food or water and locked in a room at a vacant Mangere home by an SPCA inspector last November.

The tenant had moved out the week before and the young dog was extremely emaciated.


Aggressive dogs to live, owner to pay

A Timaru man's dog was spared destruction yesterday, but its behaviour has cost him more than $3500.

And that's a lot of dog training he should have invested!

Timo was fined $1250, ordered to pay $200 in solicitors' costs, and $2280 in reparation (impounding fees).

The town must be happy with that! $2280 ... now that's what I call expensive dog-sitting!

An order for the destruction of the dog was sought, but Judge Strettell declined to do so, although he said he had no doubt it would now be registered as a dangerous dog.

The court heard Timaru District Council animal control officers received a call from people unable to get to their vehicle because of the aggressive behaviour of some dogs.

In a shared driveway they found two American pitbull terrier cross dogs, one white, and one tan, with two pups. Both adult dogs were barking and growling. The tan dog lunged aggressively towards the dog control officer, who fended her off with a lead. MORE>>

June 25, 2007

Sled dogs warm up in vineyard race

"Snowsports on dry land" - that's how sled dog racing in Hawke's Bay is described by its New Zealand exponents.

DOG POWER: The snow was at the other end of the country, but that didn't stop Napier's Craig Bell and his canine companion from competing in a sled dog race in Hawke's Bay at the weekend. NZPA

About 50 racers from all over New Zealand competed in the Hawke's Bay Vineyard Classic on Saturday.

Stephen Bell, club representative for host club Ridge Runners, said it was the first time a sled dog race had been held in a New Zealand vineyard.

You can say 'it's the first time' for any dog racing. period.


More than 100 spectators showed up to watch the racing.

Categories included two-, three- and four-dog races and there were no restrictions on what breed of dog could be used.

I want some dog photos!!

Now the challenge is to expand the sport here. New Zealand has 13 clubs eager for more members. Check the doglinks website for more information. Under Clubs

June 24, 2007

Dog fees clarified

Timaru dog owners relax – you still have a month to pay the registration fees.

The district council's phones were running hot yesterday after owners received the invoice for the 2007/08 year, and a letter that said they had until the end of June to pay the bill – just over a week.

Adding to the confusion was the fact the letter was dated May 23.


"We are applying a bit of commonsense." Fees this year are: entire dog $90, neutered dog $45, working dogs, rural pet dogs and selected dog owner $22.50, disability assist dog, $5.

June 22, 2007

Amnesty considered for unwanted dogs

An amnesty is being considered for dog owners to surrender unwanted pets.

The two-week period could see people who don't want to pay registration fees for their dogs offered the chance to have them put down at the Manukau City Council's expense.

So, you can't pay your parking fees, do you kill your car? No they impound it, and they can even sell it to pay off your fines. Why don't they have an amnesty on the rising cost of registrating a dog? Or better yet, why don't they just make registration FREE !!

If given the go-ahead the scheme will take place in the last two weeks of July.

The plan comes after the success of a similar one held by the Papakura District Council, which saw 18 dogs destroyed - including four pitbulls and a rottweiler cross.

I guess this is one way of taking care of dishing the breeds...

Dog registration costs $90 a year with a reduced rate of $45 for people who qualify as responsible owners.

Ya and if you got a dog fine before, you aren't qualified -- even if you're dog caught a burglar and has been the best ambassador for their canine friends! Perhaps they should have a different 'qualification to 'responsible owner.

As you know, anyone can 'complain' about you, and it's on 'the list'. This is JUST like if you SMACK your KIDS, you are on 'the list'.

New Zealand LOVE their databases. And you wonder why there's so much discrimination in the country!

Late payment sees the fee jump to $120.

Council senior policy analyst Paul Wilson says the amnesty gives people a chance to avoid a visit from an officer requesting the late fee and a possible $300 fine. Isn't that outrageous. ANY person who runs for mayor and states that all dogs will be registered for free will have one huge foot in da door!

"Having people face officers at the door asking for $120 is quite unpleasant for them and the officers," Mr Wilson says. MORE>>

June 18, 2007

Dog aggression hits all-time low

Dog aggression is at an all-time low in Auckland city.

Statistics released for the past 11 months show the level of reported dog aggression has fallen to 320, almost a third of the 2002/3 figure of 1032.

Of these, 152 were reports of a dog biting another dog or other animal and 113 involved a person being bitten. MORE>>

Or is it that people are reporting it less? Statistics, statistics, and more lies. Good indicator, but that's about it.

June 14, 2007

Woman killed in dog attack

Australia- A "lovely lady" who kept 14 dogs as pets has died after being found with bite wounds over much of her body at her property in Sydney's north-west.

Police were called to the 61-year-old woman's property on Neich Road, Maraylya, near Windsor, after a relative discovered her lying seriously injured in the backyard.

When ambulance and police officers arrived at 3.20pm, they found her dead.

She had suffered bite wounds to much of her body, police said.

A local resident, who asked not to be identified, said the dogs were often "howling, snarling and growling".

"Those dogs should not have been there. They were aggressive dogs," she said. MORE>>

Council weighs taking pound of flesh from dog owners

Dog owners will find out tomorrow whether they have to pay an extra $5 to register their pets to cover the costs of building a new pound.

North Shore City Council is due to decide whether to add a building levee to dog registration fees to pay for the facility that might not be built until next year.

Environment protection adviser Ian Parker says the council does not have a site for the new pound but dog registration forms have already been printed and are ready to be sent out.

He says the building may not go ahead until next year but the money could be held until then. MORE>>

ya gotta shake your head in disgust!

June 13, 2007

No plea from man charged over fatal dog attack

Shane Joseph Rurehe, 43, unemployed, entered no plea today to two charges laid under the Dog Control Act for owning dogs which caused serious injury.

He was remanded at large to reappear in court on July 4.(...)

Ms Ohlson, 56, was attacked at Murupara by two bull mastiff cross dogs, named Malibu and Patu, on April 21 while walking to meet a friend.

She died in an ambulance on her way to Rotorua Hospital from trauma suffered from her injuries.

In the States, a lady who owned a dog (or two) who attacked and killed a person got 12 years in prison. The woman is in prison as well as her partner. A whole lotta years...

June 10, 2007

Pet product wins pupils praise

An innovative dog bed ensured KingsWay School students won the annual Young Enterprise Scheme (YES) regional finals.

KingsWay beat 14 schools, some with numerous teams, with their company Pucci Products. (...)

The waterproof liner is unusual, says Mr Braddock.

"The waterproofing stops the filling from rotting. The outer cover is soft and removable so it can be washed and reused. MORE>>

A man, his dog and the other

A man-beast bond meant Chilli evaded death more than once. But her time finally came, writes YVONNE MARTIN.

It is not easy signing someone's death warrant, even if it is for a barely alive, ragamuffin dog that loved menacing people with her teeth.

A dog that, friends and family often joked, was the "other" woman in the life of my partner Neill.

Our muscular red german shorthaired pointer, rhodesian ridgeback cross called Chilli had dwindled before our eyes in a few weeks to a frail, wobbly old lady, with a ghostly white head.

Sprawled on the vet's table with her legs at impossible ragdoll angles, she looked more like a pyjama-stuffer than the honed athlete she once was.

The vet shook his head. "I'm afraid this dog has had its day," he said matter-of-factly.

More of the teary-eyed story....

June 08, 2007

Attack dogs' owner given community work

The man who owned two pitbull-cross dogs that attacked three people in south Auckland has been sentenced to 150 hours of community work.

Dog starved and hanged from tree

An animal welfare inspector says years of experience did not prepare him for the sight of a dog which had been starved and then hanged from a tree.

SPCA inspector Kevin Plowright was called to a plot of council land on Norrie-Smith Road in Manukau after a member of the public spotted the dog which had been hanged from a gum tree.

When Mr Plowright arrived someone had cut down the light tan mastiff-cross, and it was lying at the base of the tree.

The dog was extremely skinny and covered in sores, and had been hanged by a rope attached to its collar. MORE>>

June 07, 2007

City council may expand no-go zones for dogs

Dog owners may have to keep a tighter leash on their beloved mutts.

Under proposals being considered by the Christchurch City Council, dogs may be banned from within 10m of playgrounds and not allowed in many bird-roosting sites across Christchurch and Banks Peninsula.

Currently, dogs are allowed within one metre of playgrounds in Christchurch, but within 10m on Banks Peninsula. This may be changed to 10m across both areas.

However, the proposal was not greeted warmly by Christchurch dog owners. MORE>>

And why would they be?? More restrictions, more fines, more stress...

How pets are keeping you happy

June 2, 07

The good news for those struck with puppy love - or any other pet connection - is that regular interaction with an animal will improve your health and reduce your medical bills.

Any type of pet can offer health benefits according to a joint Australian and German study that tracked thousands of people for five years.

The study found that pet owners gained health benefits and visited the doctor 10 per cent less than those without pets. The health benefits dipped for those owners whose pets died during the survey and increased for those who acquired a pet.

One of the survey’s authors, Dr Bruce Headey, a principal research fellow at the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research, said when he set out to study the correlation between pets and health he thought he might discover that happy, cheerful people were most likely to have pets and that their disposition might explain why pet owners seem to be ahead in the health stakes.

"But I guess I was surprised to find that it was the pet that changed them; people with pets were better off than people without them. When a pet died people's health decreased; when they got a pet for the first time their health improved and it appeared that it didn't matter what sort of pet it was, from horses to goldfish or dogs and cats. I had thought it would mainly be dogs who offered a health benefit because of the exercise that often comes with them, but it seems the companionship is a more important issue than exercise," Dr Headey said.

And according to an Australian People and Pets Survey, an animal can also act as prevention against illness. The survey found that pet owners visit the doctor less often, have lower blood pressure, experience less sleeping difficulties and are in better health than non-pet owners.

So why in New Zealand are we punishing dog owners ???? We should ENCOURAGE pet ownership rather than discourage this vital part of a person's life.

I get MORE stress when I can't find my dog because of the dog ranger. My dog caught a burglar, is great with kids, he loves people who hate dogs, and he even knows to be 'not so bouncy' around a physical disabled child/adult. He even helped a wheelchair user by pulling his wheelchair. Since he knows the commands for right/left/stop, all it took for this novice wheelchair dog puller, was to know which commands to use.

And this dog got a $300 fine for peeing out of the front gate without supervision! No wonder I get stressed !!

"To own and care for a pet, particularly a dog, is to enjoy better physical and mental health. This is true for all sections of the population," the study asserted.

"Dog owners, compared to nonpet owners, are more physically active and report greater satisfaction with their physical fitness. They visit the doctor less often. Fewer take medication for high blood pressure, sleeping difficulties, high cholesterol or a heart problem."

And here I am contemplating health insurance... maybe I should save the money and invest in animal health insurance for the dog!!


Stroking a pet helps us relax and spending timewith a pet can have a soothing effect as our heartbeats slow and blood pressure reduces. For people with high blood pressure having a pet is as beneficial to the condition as reducing salt or alcohol intake.

There's a great reason for teenagers to have a pet!! If your teenager drinks too much, get him a dog, and teach him HOW to be a good dog owner. Tell him/her to visit and get some really good ideas on how to play with your dog.

Pets can reduce the impact of grief. If you have a pet you're more likely to recover from a heart attack than non-pet owners because of the blood-pressure reducing benefits of pet ownership and the extra companionship for those who live alone. Children with pets are often more self-reliant, more sociable and less selfish than those without a companion animal.


Pets teach children important lessons about responsibility and caring for another life. Many hospitals use pets as therapy for hospitalised children. Pets are loyal companions who can make people feel loved and needed. Pets can spark social interactions; if you're walking a dog in the park it can be a good icebreaker.

Dog attack spoils first day in dream home

A three-year-old English bull terrier has been declared 'menacing' after it attacked a dog that strayed on to its property, and allegedly bit the dog's owner when he tried to separate them.

That's what you get when dogs are no socialised. This is really not a good look for dog owners:(

The attacked dog's owner, Lee Thomas, needed tetanus injections for bites to his wrist and thumb.

Now the Whangaparaoa family is wondering why it took more than six weeks to get the Rodney District Council to act after their seven-month-old puppy, Blossom was attacked.

"The attack was on the day we moved into our new dream home," says Mr Thomas.

"It wasn't a very good welcome and not a nice scene for our kids to witness."

The family's four children are aged between two and nine, and the incident has left their parents concerned for the children's safety. MORE>>

Dogs rewarded for good behaviour

Shore dog obedience trainers are teaching dogs good manners with the Canine Good Citizens Award.

Quest, a three-year-old border collie who received the top award, is trained in accepting friendly strangers, walking in a controlled manner where there are distractions and people, remaining calm while tied up and when near other dogs and other areas.


She hopes that one day trained dogs like Quest will be identified with a coloured disc as having the Canine Good Citizens Award which will enable them to enter public areas where dogs are not permitted.

It is a privilege which she says will encourage dog owners to get their pets trained.

Urban search and rescue team tested

Taskforce Two hit Timaru yesterday, retrieving a body from a steel hopper, rescuing people from collapsed buildings, and sending the dogs to search a disused mill.

The Christchurch-based urban search and rescue taskforce is one of just three in New Zealand, established five years ago under the auspices of the fire service,

The 45-member team includes five Timaru firefighters, and three Christchurch-based dogs and dog handlers. MORE>>

June 06, 2007

Delay in animal cruelty case against dog show judge

Well-known dog show judge David Balfour has won extra time before facing significant animal cruelty charges.


June 05, 2007

Dog owners howling over fee hike

DOG owners are snarling at the prospect of having to pay more to register their pooches.

Pedigree dog owners are especially upset and say they are responsible in caring for their animals and are paying the price for people who don't register their pets.

Several dog club representatives shared their concerns with the New Plymouth District Council at the hearing of submissions to its draft 2007-2008 budget last week.

The council is proposing to increase dog registration fees by between $5 and $26, depending on how many dogs people have or if they live in rural or residential areas.

Registering a dog from a residential area is set to rise from $104 to $130.

Rebates are available for neutered dogs, but breeders say desexing their animals is not an option.

It is proposed to increase the rebate for "responsible dog ownership" from $19 to $25 and the neutered-dog rebate from $15 to $20.


The report will be presented to Thursday's council meeting to debate the draft budget.


June 01, 2007

Human and animal remains cremated together - director

A Nelson funeral director is challenging the Nelson City Council over its use of an ageing back-up furnace at Wakapuaka Crematorium, which he claims is used to cremate both humans and pets.

The council has strenuously denied this, saying the two cremation processes are entirely separate.

Francis Day of Marsden House Funeral Services said he had seen pets and humans cremated in both furnaces at Wakapuaka, which he claimed was against the law.

"I was disgusted, and I've raised the issue with the council on a number of occasions."

The council provides an animal cremation service at the Wakapuaka Crematorium, and is planning to upgrade the furnace it uses as an animal incinerator. MORE>>

Six Hibiscus dogs earn good citizen award

Six Hibiscus Coast dogs, with owners aged 14 to 84, have won the New Zealand Kennel Club's coveted Canine Good Citizen silver award.

"This shows the dedication of the owners," says Jill Parsons of the Hibiscus Coast Dog Training Club.

"When they first came to us some of these dogs were excitable and over boisterous.

"Now, as these tests have confirmed, they enjoy being well-behaved." MORE>>

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