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July 29, 2007

‘Coastie’ sets out to become a guide dog

Gisborne’s newest guide dog puppy has been born, with no shortage of appetite.

"Coastie" was brought into the world on July 10, immediately scurrying under his mother’s belly for a feed.


Although his name reflects his financial heritage, at this stage it is not known where Coastie will eventually end up.

Like all New Zealand guide dog puppies, Coastie was born and bred at Auckland’s Guide Dog Services.

He will be raised there until he is seven weeks old, when he will leave to live with a walking family for up to 15 months, says Royal New Zealand Foundation for (should be OF) the Blind (RNZFB) head of regional funding Diane Armstrong.


July 28, 2007

Puppies enjoy the high life

With no room at the inn, some Wellington SPCA puppies have found themselves living among the jetset.

Labrador-bull terrier crosses Prince and Robbie, both 14 weeks old, quickly became frequent fliers thanks to Paraparaumu's air2there flight service, which offered to transport them to Blenheim and back in an effort to find them new homes. One of the two pups now has a home.

Air2there has flown 10 puppies to Blenheim and Nelson shelters since Wellington SPCA was inundated with puppies a couple of months ago. The fare would normally be $91 an animal. MORE>>

Cop-biting dog escapes death

Shifty the pit bull terrier has escaped death row at the eleventh hour, despite biting a courier driver on the buttocks and a policeman on the finger, and is to be reunited with his adoring owners.

Shifty attacked and bit a courier driver in May, inflicting two puncture wounds to his bottom. The next day a police officer went to the property to investigate and Shifty rushed out the front door and bit the officer's finger.

Mr Hurring was said to have told the police officer: "If you shoot my dog, I will shoot you."

This is pretty much disrespect for law and order. The dog laws are pretty black and white, "your dog bites, we kill dog". With this sort of attitude, no wonder people think that their dog will be put down if they either 'admit' their dog bit, or won't tell the doctor because the dog is part of the family.

And they say that dog bites are down?!?! or is it the reporting of them ?


The special circumstances included that Shifty had no previous history of attacking people and till now had been contained within the property, and that a faulty door lock had allowed Shifty access to the police officer, he said.

Other facts taken into account included that Mr Hurring suffered an illness and was a sickness beneficiary who relied on Shifty as his best mate.

Mr Hurring's partner, Carli Ebbett, said they were incredibly relieved that they were getting Shifty back.

At least it's good that the judge saw sense...

Dog-mauling sparks warning

Taranaki dog owners are being warned to keep their animals on a leash while at the beach after a blue penguin was savaged at Oakura.

"It's pretty disgusting. It seemed like an unnecessary thing to happen," Conservation Department marine ranger Callum Lilley said."It looked like it had been crushed."

The penguin was brought into the department by a member of the public on Wednesday but it died before it could get veterinary care.

"Be well aware that even though it may be a beach that's frequented by people, there are still wildlife that live in the area," he said. "Keep your dog on a leash if it is not of the nature where you can control it," Mr Lilley said.


Dog that bit little girl put down

The dog responsible for tearing a chunk out of a four-year-old preschooler's lip in a frightening attack outside her Palmerston North kindergarten has been put down.

July 25, 2007

Police dog stabbed during chase

A police dog is receiving medical treatment after it was stabbed several times overnight.

Police said today the dog, called Cane, was expected to live but was getting treatment for at least three or four stab wounds. MORE>>

I just wonder how it happened... there's not much detail in this story.

July 24, 2007

One man and his dogs

Dog trialling is in Don Calder's blood. He started at 15 and now, aged 70, he has no plans to slow down.

"You were hard done by the other night," he nodded, knowingly.

Those kind words were made in the 1980s when the TUX Dog Show series was one of the top three most-viewed television programmes behind the news and the Cosby Show.

Points had been dubiously deducted from Calder during one of the heading events, but he didn't have the heart to tell the armchair critic that it had been filmed six months ago.

"I didn't know the guy from Adam," recalls Calder. MORE>>

July 19, 2007

Dog attacks down

Dogs running free on Rodney beaches remain a touchy topic for many.

But allowing owners to take their pets off the leash at certain times has proved more successful than hoped, judging from a report to be considered by the Rodney District Council community environment committee.


"However, research clearly indicates that over 60 percent of dog bites occur either on the dog owner?s property, or immediately adjacent."

He says the key to reducing attacks is animal control staff ensuring dogs are confined to their properties or under proper, direct control when off the property.

Mr Knightbridge says that involves a combination of dog education and enforcement.

He believes benefits from the bylaw changes include better dog socialisation and more freedom to exercise dogs.

Sheepdog theft like loss of a child

Pensioner Jack Mills was still reeling from the theft of his two sheepdogs when the dog he borrowed to replace them was also stolen.

The 83-year-old lives in Otahuhu and leases land in Ormiston Rd, Flat Bush, where he farms 200 sheep with the two specially trained dogs, Trace and June.


I can surely empathies with him... losing my dog would be devastating! However, a sheepdog does a job that is almost irreplaceable.

Dog show judge 'not guilty' of animal cruelty

Well-known dog show judge David Balfour and his wife today pleaded not guilty to animal cruelty charges.
They face charges relating to the alleged mistreatment of no more than 81 dogs and 161 cats between August 23 last year and March 5.

How can someone own 81 dogs !! I mean REALLY !!
There are by-laws against that, at any rate!

July 17, 2007

SPCA seeking foster home help

The local SPCA is on the lookout for foster carers to look after cats and dogs.

New shelter manager Ruth Sandiford Phelan says fostering is all about contact with animals and giving them a bit of love they deserve.

"Those animals that have been fostered have a better likelihood of finding a home. The shelter is continuing to be a good resource but foster care is more about contact with the animals.

"Sometimes the cats are a bit wild and they need someone to tame them before they can be re-homed. Dogs that have been mistreated need contact to help them recover and young animals need extra time spent on them for extra feeding and care."


Fatal attack on kiwi highlights need to keep dogs under control

Yes, and I'd like to see how many birds cause problems too! Birds and collars with bells go hand and hand.

A fatal dog attack on a Stewart Island brown kiwi at the weekend could be just a sign of a bigger problem, the Department of Conservation said.

The small, lifeless body of the kiwi was discovered lying on Traill Park, opposite the Oban police station on Stewart Island, by a member of the public and reported to DOC yesterday.

DOC Stewart Island field centre supervisor Sharon Pasco said the kiwi's death was disappointing and could be an indication of a bigger problem.

Evidence suggested that once a dog got a taste for kiwi, killings would continue. "Once a dog gets a taste for kiwi or for something like this, they may just rush up into the bush and kill them." MORE>>

Fewer beach offences after dog bylaw relaxed

Concerns were raised after the council changed its dog control bylaw in July 2005 to allow people more scope to walk their dogs off the leash on beaches.

Critics feared it might lead to greater risk of dog aggression and attacks, beach fouling and other incidents.

But independent observers and staff at many popular Rodney beaches, particularly on the Hibiscus Coast, reported very few dog bylaw offences.

Breaches dropped from one per hour last year to 0.5 per hour this year.

Even dog excrement seemed scarcer on beaches.


A serious dog attack in a public place is always possible regardless of bylaws, he says.

"But research shows more than 60 percent of dog bites occur either on the owner's property or immediately adjacent."

Thank you! If 60% of bites occur in owner's property, that means something... ie. perhaps dogs aren't being socialized enough?, perhaps too much territorial guarding? etc..

July 14, 2007

Microchips useless unless dog owners register numbers

Microchipped dogs found wandering around the city are still being put down because owners are forgetting to log their details on the national database.

"We hate doing this because the dogs generally come from an environment of care. But when they're not claimed and can't be rehomed they have to be put down," Palmerston North City Council senior animal control officer Peter Broughton said.

Head of environmental services Wayne Jameson said while more dogs were being returned to owners, there were still a few issues.

"The biggest problem is dog owners not being fully aware that it's their responsibility to bring their information in to council," he said. MORE>>

Hum... kindda makes a mockery of the whole issue about microchipping, and how, supposedly, it will save us folks from dangerous dogs!

July 13, 2007

Pup sacrifices life for young girl

A family's celebrations turned to tragedy when their dog was killed defending their daughter from a pitbull attack.

They want to know why a Manukau City Council call centre operator told her to approach the stray pitbull-type dog after Laura called for help.

DSS Animal Management carries out dog control for the council. It recommends no one should approach unfamiliar dogs. MORE>>

July 10, 2007

Poodle emotionally scarred, court told

A champion poodle that allegedly bit a building inspector was emotionally scarred after a run-in with a courier, a court was told.

It was alleged that last December building inspector Glen Walker was rushed by three full-size poodles and bitten on the left leg by one - show dog Fonteyn - when he went to the Greenslade home in Otaki.


Judge Atkins ruled that the dog attack charge be dismissed because, though there was physical contact, he was not satisfied there was a bite or even an attack.

He said Mrs Greenslade had not taken sufficient care in properly shutting the door the dogs got through and fined her $100, with $250 in court costs.

I suppose that's as good as it gets. Pretty expensive door opener though!

July 09, 2007

Attackers set dog on disabled patient

A dog is believed to have savaged a former Kimberley resident during an attack in which the victim was dragged out of bed, kicked repeatedly and "left to die" on the floor of his Levin community home.

Sergeant Simon Chamberlain said that after months of police investigations, police had reason to believe a dog may have been involved in the assault, inflicting a bite wound on the victim's tongue.

Police were not seeking the dog's destruction at this stage. MORE>>

Freeway takes fast track through frosty forest

Freeway, a Siberian husky, was in his element during a weekend of races hosted by the Canterbury Sled Dog Club in Eyrewell Forest.

Club spokesman Aaron Anderson said the dogs raced in minus 5deg temperatures in the forest and "loved it".

About 50 handlers and about 250 dogs took part in races which varied between 9km and 3.6km in length. Teams from all over the South Island came to the event which is part of the national circuit of sled dog races.

July 08, 2007

I lose dog, you'll lose life - alleged threat

A brutal dog attack has left a Hamilton couple $2000 poorer and fearing retribution.

A Hamilton family is facing nearly $2000 in vet bills after their dog Chippie was mauled by a pitbull this week.

And they say they were warned by a man who called the pitbull off that if he lost the dog, "you'll lose your life".

Jeanette and Andy - who did not want their surname used for fear of retribution - were walking with their daughter Sarah, 9, along Nawton's Dominion Rd on Tuesday when the attack happened.


Jeanette said the "nightmare" attack lasted about five minutes, while another man watched.

"I was screaming and yelling at this man to pull his dog back and he just stood there for ages. He eventually took the dog back to his letterbox and released it."

Jeanette said the man threatened her husband, saying, "If I lose my dog, you'll lose your life".

Are these the dog laws that we created?!?

By the way, I seem to want to think that this dog is needed to 'supervise' his house for unlawful doings... just a hunch.

Andy, whose arm was bitten in the attack, reported the man's threat to police.

Hamilton City Council dog control officer Peter Crocker said the pitbull had not yet been captured, and the man had said the dog was a stray. MORE>>

This is surely not the best way of handling a situation, and I understand that these dog owners want their money back and their pride. So what do we do? We get the bastard, as a community.

But, of course, this will not solve the Big Problem.... and you know what that is!

July 05, 2007

Dogs start frothing with organic shampooch

Is everything going to the dogs? If Elinor McEwan has it her way it will.

The Devonport resident has created a range of organic shampoos especially for dogs.

Is it just becoming a bit on the trendy side? Mrs McEwan says no.

"I don't think people with pets see it as silly. If it's safe on the dog's skin it saves on vet bills, just like feeding them the right food." MORE>>

She says there has been an increase in the range of organic natural foods on the market for humans, so why not natural options for pets?

July 03, 2007

How much is that doggie in the window?

The doggy in the window of Roseland Pets and Plants could be yours, for a price.

For $1290 you could be the proud owner of eleven-week-old tea-cup chihuahua crossed with a long haired chihuahua.

The puppy weighs about one kilo.


Some one emailed me a few years ago when I had a similar story on the doglinks' forum (now defunct). They said that I shouldn't publicize these breeds as they considered this 'animal abuse'.

What do you think?

Well, at least you can bring them on the bus, or train, and not have to pay an extra fee!

Meter reader thought dog was going to kill her

An Ashburton meter reader thought she was going to be killed when attacked by a labrador-staffordshire dog which was put down yesterday.

The female victim – who does not want to be identified – said the dog inflicted three serious wounds on her legs and she knocked her head badly as she scrambled to get into her car and away from the dog. MORE>>

I totally agree with the judge. The dog owner is at fault, and not the dog. Some people give dog and dog owners a bad name, and they should need to take dog training classes before even attempting to get another dog!

July 01, 2007

Fighting like cats and dogs


"Pets are defined as a family chattel," says Stephanie Ambler, family law solicitor at Simpson Grierson. Pets are listed in the Property (Relationships) Act along with household furniture, appliances, tools, and vehicles. Such matrimonial property is typically split evenly between the two partners.

Because the Care of Children Act only deals with children, notions such as custody and access technically don't apply to pets. But Ambler believes some factors a court would consider when determining care arrangements for a child could equally be applied to pets. "Where you've got animals involved, it's kind of like children in the fact that it's not the material value that you're after. It's obviously just a strong emotional attachment."MORE>>

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