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December 21, 2011

Rhys itching to sniff out deadly ants

New Zealand's first ant-sniffing canine is training for battle against hordes of Argentine invaders.

Local biosecurity experts hope Welsh springer spaniel Rhys Jones will soon hunt Argentine ants.

"He's about halfway through his training and he's ticking all the boxes," said Auckland Council biosecurity manager Jack Craw.

The dog's trainer, Brian Shields, said Argentine ants were notorious for attacking native bird species. "They suck the eyeballs out and eat [the birds] from the inside out," Shields said. MORE>>

December 09, 2011

Dog 'days from death' now thriving

A dog that was days from death is recovering well after being rescued by the SPCA - and members of the public can continue the trend by keeping their eyes and ears open to animal cruelty.

In mid-October the SPCA was alerted by a member of the public to Cassie - a dog that was malnourished and dehydrated after not being fed for weeks.

SPCA Auckland chief inspector Vicki Border estimates she was just three days from death.

"Someone had just tied her up and left her to die.

"It's been years since I've seen a case of neglect this serious."

Cassie was removed from the property and received emergency medical treatment at the SPCA Auckland Animal Village.

Border says the first few days were touch and go but 21 days later Cassie was "like a different dog".

"I had to carry her in here that first day - she was so weak she could barely stand.

"Now she is out enjoying daily walks and running around in the local park." MORE>>

Kids learn how to stay safe around dogs

 new educational show initiated by Auckland Council has helped ensure thousands of young Auckland children know how to stay safe around dogs.  
Safety with Sammy and Patch is a 30-minute musical show developed by Kids 4 Drama for Auckland Council, which has been performed live to more than 30,000 Year 1, 2 and 3 children in the North Shore, Rodney and Waitakere regions over the past few months.
Auckland Council Northern Licensing and Compliance Manager Rosemary Hagg says Aucklanders' safety is one of council's top priorities and Safety with Sammy and Patch is a proactive step towards increasing awareness and improving safety.
"The show teaches young children some important dog safety messages, using a high-energy, interactive format featuring a tailor-made storyline and engaging and educational theme songs."
Ms Hagg says feedback on Safety with Sammy and Patch, which has been performed for almost 32,000 children and more than 1000 teachers and support staff in the north and west of Auckland, has been overwhelmingly positive.
The key dog safety messages of the show include:
  • If it's not your own, leave it alone
  • If you get approached by a stray dog don't run or scream - stand like a statue
  • If a dog knocks you to the ground, curl up like a rock.
During the show children are also educated about how to safely 'meet' a dog and are given general dog safety tips, including being advised to leave an eating or sleeping dog alone and to avoid running or screaming around dogs.

250 take part in Wellington santa run

Dog owners get rough end of stick

Dog owners want a better deal for their pets, as the length of time dogs are banned from beaches stretches every year.

Restrictions are imposed during daylight saving. But as those hours have been extended over the years so, too, has dogs' freedom to walk on Auckland beaches - either on or off leashes.

The rules vary across seven regions encompassing the former councils. At Milford on the North Shore, for example, dogs cannot be on the beach between 10am and 6.30pm. In Rodney, it's 9am to 7pm, likewise in Manukau.

Jill Parsons walks her dogs, Amber and Rani, along Milford Beach, their bushy tails swishing in unison.

"Isn't this wonderful," says Mrs Parsons, looking along the beach to where a sprightly black spoodle trots towards us and a Siberian husky frolics in the shallows. MORE>>
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