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December 11, 2012

Third talented driving dog still homeless

While adoption offers have been pouring in for last night's two canine stars ofCampbell Live, a third driving dog is still homeless.
Last night Porter, a 10-month-old beardie cross and Monty, a giant schnauzer cross, got behind the wheel of a Mini Countryman on TV3's Campbell Live.
Viewers had since shown "a lot of interest" in adopting the dogs, said Auckland SPCA CEO Christine Kalin.
But the people ringing in only seemed to want the rescue dogs with the most airtime.
"Probably the least interest has been in Ginny... I think because she has less profile driving the car," she said.
One-year-old beardie whippet cross Ginny also went through the same eight-week intensive training course but didn't front on the day.
The Auckland SPCA has not yet received any offers of adoption for the equally intelligent Ginny, said Kalin.
"We've had people offer to adopt Monty and Porter. We've had less interest in Ginny so she's the one we'd really love not to have in the shelter too long."  MORE INFO>>


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