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November 19, 2012

Pooch solves dog-gone mystery

An Eketahuna woman is singing the praises of her english cocker spaniel Izzy after it sniffed out another dog that had been trapped for four days on a sheer cliff face.

 Karen Barber said a neighbouring couple had lost their Australian terrier Fergie on November 10, and failed to find him despite several searches in and around the neighbourhood.

 Mrs Barber said she had joked with friends that she would take Izzy for a late afternoon stroll along the Cliff Walk, which runs atop the 20-metre cliff flanking the Makakahe River, and "sniff out the lost dog". "As soon as we got near the spot where the dog had fallen, Izzy started whining and Fergie barked."

 Mrs Barber decided to leave the rescue of the dog in expert hands and called the volunteer brigade. MORE>>


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