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October 29, 2012

Sheep killed in vicious dog attacks (graphic content)


More than 40 sheep have been killed in a series of vicious dog attacks at Canterbury Agricultural Park.
Canterbury A&P Association graze about 200 sheep at the Curletts Rd park during the year, but over the past six months their livestock have been repeatedly attacked.
Operations manager Dugald Thomas said 21 sheep were killed during two brutal attacks at the weekend.
"On Friday night we had three sheep killed and then overnight there were a further 12 ewes and six lambs slaughtered."
Thomas said it was "very distressing" for staff at the park, including himself, who found the mauled sheep.
"It's bloody awful. Half of the sheep are still alive and you have to put them down. They've obviously suffered a lot."
Thomas believed two dogs that probably lived near the park were responsible.
A nearby resident managed to take a photograph of the dog involved in Saturday's attack.
"He saw the attack and chased the dog away from the sheep and managed to get this pic as it ran away," Thomas said.
Thomas said they would "love to get some help" from the public in identifying the dog.


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