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September 01, 2012

Elderly man attacked by three dogs

A 78-year-old Christchurch man was ''torn to shreds'' by three dogs after trying to help a young boy who had been locked out of his house.

 Somerfield resident Melva Small watched helplessly as the dogs savaged her husband, Frank, outside their Holcombe Pl home on Monday morning. ''I went outside and the little boy from across the road was on the footpath and said he'd locked himself out of his house,'' she said.

 ''His mum was in the shower and couldn't hear him and he was very upset. ''Frank is very good with children and so he picked up the lovely boy and opened the gate to take him up to the door.

Then these vicious dogs just rushed out at him.'' The three bull mastiffs attacked her husband, ''tearing him to shreds''. ''They just went for him. They ripped his face. His cheek was completely open,'' she said.MORE>>


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