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July 03, 2012

Wellington Vet Campaigns to Improve Canine Oral Health

A Wellington veterinarian says he is shocked at the state of canine oral health and has joined a nationwide programme to offer free dental health checks for dogs this month.
Dr Allan Probert says a recent survey* showed that more than half (61%) of dog owners admitted to not brushing their dog's teeth at all with 55% saying they did not realise they needed to and 15% claiming their 'dog didn't like it'.
Give your dog a bone! That will help with his dental work.
Dr Probert says it was also worrying to see that at least 7% of dog owners didn't know how to brush their dog's teeth.
Research** also shows that 80% of Kiwi dogs over the age of three have developed gum disease which can lead to tooth loss, abscesses and bone infection.
He hopes to address this issue by joining more than 200 other vets across the country as part of the Pedigree Dentastix initiative - which will offer free health checks for dogs throughout Doggie Dental Month in July.
Why do I have a feeling that this is marketing?!
What do you think? do you brush your dog's teeth?


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