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July 14, 2012

Wellington dog owners plead guilty

She ran away for weeks after being run over in her driveway, but Sweet Pea's owner added salt to the wound when the dog returned to her Cannons Creek home with a gaping cuts and a broken leg.
The timid 10-month-old staffordshire bull terrier had a fractured tail, wounds on her belly, and was unable to put weight on her swollen left hind leg when Wellington SPCA found her.
Liliulagi Samafuao pleaded guilty under the Animal Welfare Act to failure to alleviate the pain and distress of an injured animal. He was sentenced to 40 hours' community work, disqualified from owning any animal for two years and ordered to pay $731.34 reparation to SPCA in Wellington District Court yesterday.
Sweet Pea has been with the Wellington SPCA since February and is yet to find a new home. MORE>>
What a nice looking dog... just looking for some good owners... 


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