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July 14, 2012

NZ vets treat tripping and stoned dogs

This news story made the world news....

A NEW Zealand veterinary clinic says it has treated drugged pets, including a chihuahua who ate leftover marijuana joints and a dog tripping on magic mushrooms.
The After Hours Veterinary Hospital in Hamilton has treated at least eight stoned dogs since it opened in January.
Owner Keith Houston told AAP most of the pets had eaten marijuana left lying around the house.
"One person had thrown all their hash cake on the lawn, someone else had taken frozen (marijuana) heads out of the freezer and the dog ate it out of the garbage," he said.
"If you're stoned and lying around on the couch and you leave your biscuits out, then they're going to eat them."
Dr Houston said generally marijuana was not harmful to dogs but being stoned did upset them. MORE>>


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