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June 17, 2012

State housing tenants' pets in doghouse

Housing New Zealand tenants could face stricter rules on dog ownership as the agency reviews its policy to cut staff time and costs.

The cost and health and safety risks associated with dogs, as well the difficulty with placing dog owners in state houses has prompted the policy review - which has raised concerns that tenants could be forced to give up their dogs.

Just because you're poor doesn't mean you can't own a dog. Some of these people live alone, and the only company is their companion animal.!

A Housing New Zealand spokesman said the review would address issues such as how much harder it was to find state houses for dog owners, and for them to move to a private rental where often dogs weren't permitted.

Again... it is a shame that dogs have become a nuisance in New Zealand when they give us so much pleasure. 

A policy change could affect up to half of Housing New Zealand's 69,000 properties.
The spokesman said dogs added "significant costs" for taxpayers in terms of staff time and in repairing damage done by dogs.

How much do dogs SAVE the tax payer?  We'll never know because we don't have the research which should be looking at this question.

Housing New Zealand also identified vet bills, clearing flea infestations, dog bites and the stress associated with dog complaints from neighbours or the public as other risks. Hum....

Under the current policy tenants have to get permission from Housing New Zealand to have a dog on the property and the owner must prove it is registered and vaccinated.

and that's how it should stay...

But Hauraki-Waikato MP Nanaia Mahuta said responsible dog owners shouldn't be penalised because of irresponsible dog owners.  Correct.
(...) Royal New Zealand SPCA president Bob Kerridge said a change in the policy could make it even harder than it already was for Housing New Zealand tenants to have dogs.

"What they are doing is depriving families of the enjoyment of having an animal. I think any measures that deprive people of that enjoyment are not to be applauded in any shape or form.
"Unless they were causing a problem I think that would be very unfair."  Here, here Bob
He urged Housing New Zealand to talk to the SPCA about its policy review, and suggested it considered the size and breed of dog when writing the rules.

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