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June 15, 2012

Second HNZ tenant faces eviction over dog

A second Auckland woman has been told to remove her dog from her Housing New Zealand property despite having lived in the home for three years with four cats and a dog.
Ranui resident Linda Tozer has been told she must get rid of her dog Star or face eviction.
The news comes after Manurewa resident Nga Behekite, who has lived with a dog in the same state home for 13 years, was told she would be evicted if her dog Spiky was not removed from the premises because she had never sought permission to have a pet.
Behekite has had to find the dog a temporary home while she continues to fight HNZ.
Tozer was first ordered to remove Star in December last year.
"I couldn't do it, I don't have the heart to. Star is my baby,'' she said.  MORE>>
This is another Human Rights Issue. Your dog is part of the family, and that's that. The government policy doesn't take into account the social benefit from owning a companion animal. 


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