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June 15, 2012

Noel's drive a big charity boost

When Noel Driver lost his sight completely he did not think he would need a guide dog, but a labrador called Ringo won him over and together they walked the length of the country.
Mr Driver, who worked the switchboard at Wairau Hospital for more than 20 years, died in March aged 61.
Despite losing his sight, Mr Driver raised thousands of dollars for charities in his lifetime, and was a highly social person.
In 2001, he raised more than $350,000 for the Guide Dog Association when he walked the length of the South Island with Ringo and his 10-year-old packhorse, Jack.
The three covered almost 3000km and visited 60 schools along the way.
When he was interviewed by the Press in Oxford on that trip, he was reported as saying he initially thought he was "too macho" to have a dog. MORE>>


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