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June 15, 2012

New thinking needed on dog rules

Blair Anderson knows dogs. For two decades the dog behaviourist says he's taught thousands of owners how to train their pets.

 He knows that some people are afraid of dogs and wasn't surprised when he read in The Aucklander about a call to have dogs kept on leashes at West Auckland's Kakamatua Beach. Disappointed, but not surprised. "Dogs carry their weapons with them and this can induce fears where there should be none," he says.

 "What we need to see is the good in dogs. There are about 600,000 dogs in New Zealand. Not one dog has bitten anybody today." What frustrates him is that he considers the Auckland Council, like many local authorities, is formulating a policy based on fear and myth and not good research and science.

The council is replacing seven policies and bylaws from previous local bodies with a single bylaw to provide a consistent approach. "Auckland is wrong to be proceeding with a super-dog rule when there is no scientific basis that keeping dogs behind high fences and on leashes is what is good for them," Mr Anderson says.


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