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June 17, 2012

Charges laid over dog-sitting deaths

Wellington SPCA has laid three charges of ill-treatment against a man following the death of two dehydrated dogs shut in a conservatory in March.

The Dominion Post revealed in April that Wellington woman Liz Wilkinson's Chinese crested hairless dog Hazel died while being looked after by a pet-sitter, who also worked as an employee of animal care agency Pet Angels.

Hazel died after being left in a conservatory by the man with several other dogs on March 12.

The pet-sitter told Ms Wilkinson he had fallen asleep for four hours while the dogs were tied to a couch in the conservatory.

Ms Wilkinson's other dog, August, survived but received severe heat stroke in the incident and had to be treated by a veterinarian.The pet-sitter, who lived nearby Ms Wilkinson, had apologised to her and offered to pay for vet and funeral expenses, as well as counselling and a new dog.

Wellington woman Teresa Christianson said her 8-month-old labrador Lyra also died of dehydration while in the pet-sitter's care on the same day.

She had booked his services through Pet Angels.

Someone has to ask someone a few questions.... 


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