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May 25, 2012

Woman's $7000 best friend

Many pet owners would give the world for their pets, but Natasha Coulter, of Claremont, travelled it for hers.

Ms Coulter brought her pyrenean shepherd to Timaru from Sweden, costing her upwards of $7000. It might seem extreme, but to Ms Coulter, a dog enthusiast and agility competitor, Euro was worth every cent.

"We called him Euro because he cost lots of them," Ms Coulter said.
The pricey pooch was such good value for money that Ms Coulter is importing another two in October, one of which she plans to breed from.

"It will be nice to have a wife for him," she said. "But they have tiny little litters – you'd never recoup your money."

There are no breeders in New Zealand, but a few other pyrenean shepherds have been imported.


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