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May 10, 2012

Owner found guilty over dog attack

A man charged after his dog bit a stranger who touched its nose protruding from under his closed front gate has been found guilty.

 Des Hughes, 41, was prosecuted by Hastings District Council after his family dog, Franklin, bit a stranger on May 31 last year. The dog had only its nose jutting out from under the gate, which was set back from the footpath, when the bite occurred.
So how was the person there?

 The 51-year-old male victim had the tip of his left thumb bitten off in the incident.
What did he do to the dog to bite him?

 Judge Geoff Rea released a reserved decision last week after a trial in which Hughes defended a charge of owning a dog that attacked. Evidence hinged on whether the labrador was deemed to be "under control" at the time.
He's behind a fence... under control on the other side of the fence? On his own property?

 In his decision, Judge Rea said that as the dog could get its muzzle and paws under the gate, it was not "confined" in the way the legislation required. "In my view the requirements to confine the dog must mean all of the dog," Judge Rea said.
The fence is set back from the footpath, and this stranger does what? bend over to pat the dog? Isn't the guy who intruded into the dog's space just as guilty? What was he doing trying to pat the dog in the first place? Or what this what he was trying to do?

 After the incident the 5-year-old dog was impounded by dog control officers. It was destroyed with the family's consent after five months of being locked up.
Five months of being locked up!? Isn't that animal cruelty?

 Mr Hughes told Hawke's Bay Today he agreed to euthanise the dog as it was "going mad" in the pound. "It's taken a real toll on us. We were shocked to get prosecuted for a start. We've lost our dog - a dog I believe was provoked and attacked by this guy. We did everything right with Franklin. He was vaccinated, neutered, registered, well cared for and kept inside a secure, fenced enclosure."
What a bad dog day this turns out to be!

 While his dog was impounded, he was told by council the dog's registration was due. "I asked them if I had to pay it given he was in the pound - they said I must, so I did. A few weeks later he was put down and I was told I didn't get my registration money back in that scenario."
I would certainly take this up with the courts. He registered the dog in GOOD FAITH thinking that he'd get the dog back. If he didn't pay, then the Pound was in the position of putting him down anyways. That is un-civilised!

Is this country going mad????



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