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May 25, 2012

Lap-of-luxury dog pound almost complete

Invercargill's new $600,000 Dog Hilton, featuring underfloor heating, collapsible beds and a sunlit courtyard, is nearing completion.

Some city councillors had misgivings about the cost of the city's new dog pound before work started last year, with Cr Norman Elder suggesting the dogs would have better accommodation than 50,000 quake-ravaged Christchurch residents.

His comments appear to be not far off the mark.

The Southland Times visited the under-construction 27-kennel dog pound yesterday.
Each of the roomy kennels will be fitted with a collapsible bed, four of the kennels will have underfloor heating for the privileged smaller dogs to enjoy, and the canines will get to stretch their legs in a sunlit courtyard. A side room will allow for the dogs to be microchipped and receive healthcare. MORE>>


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