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May 06, 2012

Council adopts dog registration fees

Auckland Council will increase dog registration fees by 3.3 per cent next year.

 On 3 May councillors voted against the original proposal included in the draft Long-term Plan 2012-2022 (LTP), which went out for public consultation earlier this year and proposed a higher level of increase. The governing body endorsed the recommendation by the council’s Strategy and Finance Committee to retain the current fee structure, but with dog registration and impoundment fees adjusted for inflation by 3.3 per cent.

 Mayor Len Brown says that in making the decision the council has listened to good dog owners who have said more work is needed on the proposed fee structure in order to match it with council’s upcoming policy work on dogs.

 More than 4400 of the 10,000 submissions received on the draft LTP related to dog registration fees. Most submitters opposed the level of increase and the removal of a dog owner licence discount.

They also felt that good dog owners were being penalised and not enough was being done to address problems caused by irresponsible owners. MORE>>

Councillors really DONT GET IT !! (well, they do now!) DOGS VOTE TOO !!   

People didn't write submissions about roading, or sewers, or new buildings, they wrote about DOGS FEES. If the Christchurch City Council doesn't understand THAT, then they'll have something else coming. I mean, they are banning ALL DOGS from ALL CENTRAL CITY STREETS !! (whatever is left of them, of course)

We really have to change and challenge people's ideasof dog ownership. They belong beside us, along side us, and are part of our family. Yes, under the Human Rights, you can not be discriminated against if you own a dog if your dog is consider part of the family. Renters out there?? hint hint!


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