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April 28, 2012

Pets at risk as rental scarcity hits home

Pets are being put down, abandoned or surrendered as their owners try to compete for scarce rental accommodation in Christchurch.

Swamped animal shelters are pleading for tolerance for pet owners as the city's rental crisis deepens, allowing landlords to favour some tenants over others.

SPCA Canterbury general manager Barry Helem said staff were fielding about 10 calls a day from desperate owners needing to surrender their animals before finding rental accommodation.

"Pet-friendly properties are in short supply, so we are appealing to landlords to show some flexibility towards Canterbury pet owners needing accommodation," he said.

"What we are now seeing is an increase in responsible pet owners who have had to leave their earthquake-damaged homes and do not want to give up their pet but are running out of options."
The SPCA is already at capacity with sick, injured and abused animals.


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