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March 25, 2012

Runaway dog causes train delays

A runaway dog on the train tracks is among several incidents causing delays on Auckland's railway system this afternoon.

Veolia, the organisation which operates the city's trains, says emergency services were called to retrieve a dog loose on the tracks near Britomart earlier today.

The fire service was called to retrieve the dog just after 3pm and trains were stopped to ensure it got off safely. It is now with the SPCA.

"Point failures" at Britomart, Henderson and Papakura have also contributed to delays. MORE>>


From NZ

Simba, a 17-year-old Jack Russell, escaped down a bank on to the railway corridor near Auckland Port, where she was hit by a train. The accident sparked an emergency call-out, and Simba was rescued from the tracks by firefighters about 4pm on Friday.
But she suffered serious injuries and later had to be put down by a vet.
Owner Barry Sparrow said the family were broken-hearted after losing Simba, who had lived with them since birth. She had gone missing from the Parnell Gardens earlier that day.
"My sister takes her there to play with the cats.  Play or chase? But there's a bank down to the railway tracks and that's where she got hit by a train. We called the council to report her missing but then the fire brigade called us at home," he said.
"We got there at the same time as the SPCA and were told to take her to a vet straight away. He told us she had a broken back and was too old to heal properly so the best thing to do was to put her out of her misery."


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