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March 17, 2012

Pit bull at party puts three in hospital

Three people needed hospital treatment after being attacked by a pit bull dog at a party in the Taranaki town of Patea on Thursday afternoon.

Police and the animal control service were called to the house at 5pm and found a middle-aged man had already been taken to Hawera hospital, while a woman in her 20s had a large bite on her ankle.

A second woman in her 40s yesterday went to Whanganui Hospital to get treatment for bites.

Constable Jason Wright said the animal's owner and others at the party were highly intoxicated.

"They were really hard to reason with," he said. "The guy got so agitated he let the dog out into the streets, so we had this dog that had just bitten two people running out on the streets and there were lots of kids around."

John McKenzie, South Taranaki District Council's group manager of environmental services, said two victims were transferred from Hawera's accident and emergency to Taranaki Base Hospital in New Plymouth. "Their injuries were very serious."

A pit bull had been seized and impounded, he said.

"The owner of the dog wants the dog back, however we intend on prosecuting him for failure to control his dog and will be seeking a court order for the dog's destruction." MORE>>

What... dog's destruction ?? why don't they say, they want to kill the dog?
Aint the dog's fault for idiot drinkers!


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