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March 25, 2012

Owner admits dog 'doesn't really like people'

The owner of a bull terrier dog that put a man in hospital admits it is another example of poor dog ownership.

Billie-May Graham, 19, pleaded guilty in the Waitakere District Court this week to owning a dog that attacked a male causing serious injury.

She told the Herald on Sunday that she had been a 16-year-old living on her own who needed protection. So she bought a cute bull terrier cross puppy and called him Munter.

But after being chained to a tree on a regular basis for nine months and trained to "attack on command", the cuteness escalated into aggression.

Please, someone tell people who want protection, to get a gun! You CANNOT have a sweet dog and a killer dog in the same dog. They either attack or they sleep on your bed. If you want to train for attack, make damn sure that they can ''release'' on command-- and that takes training. YES TRAINING

Graham was in the shower in March last year when her friend let Munter off his leash. He escaped the property and ferociously latched on to the leg of a man who was walking past their Glen Eden home carrying a large black stick.

"He's usually chained up to the tree but my mate let him off and someone went past so he ran after them. My dog doesn't really like people," Graham said.

Well missy, you live in a community full of people. If your dog isn't trained to live amongst people, then you let your dog down. You failed him badly!  And who's going to pay the price for that?

She didn't see the victim but was given photos of his injuries - including one which showed "heaps of stitches in his leg".

Munter was seized by the Auckland City Council and destroyed.

But that weekend Graham claimed she was put in hospital herself after being bashed at a party. "If my dog was there it probably wouldn't have happened," she said. "He was a lovely natured dog but he would attack on command, he was very protective."  NO, I do NOT believe that. You need to release command WAY BEFORE you train him to attack. Attacking is the easy bit.

Graham will be sentenced in the Waitakere District Court in June.  And I hope it's a long one!


  • At 12:17 p.m., Blogger Billie-May Graham said…

    hahahahahahahahahahaha "HOPE ITS A LONG ONE" what a fucking joke the judge is pretty much throwing this case out mother fucker


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