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March 17, 2012

Gone to the dogs: How to stop the attacks

well.. good breeding is the first thing about creating good dogs. 
Second, good care for the bitch and her pups, and that's knowing how to care for them. All pups should be house trained before leaving the breeders place (Yes, it can be done)
Third, good dog education (no a-la-Cesar way either!.. just kick the dog on his hind legs to get him to walk beside you)

If you want to read the article in the NZ Herald which tells you how to stop dog attacks, and who I'm sure has no idea what he's on about... go ahead.. the article link

Here's the crap that the article writes about ""Payne thinks councils need to lift their game. By law the public can report threatening dog behaviour to their local authority, even without the animal biting anyone."" 

Now that is pretty crazy! 


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