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March 01, 2012

10-year pet ban follows puppy bashing

A man who bashed a puppy to death has avoided a jail term but he will not be allowed to own or have control of an animal for 10 years.

Robin Gerrard Wilson, 32, will be allowed to serve his four months of home detention at his home where other family members have pets, but he is not allowed any control over them.

Wilson was sentenced at Christchurch District Court on a charge of reckless ill treatment of a white and tan female Jack Russell terrier puppy.

Judge Raoul Neave said it was clear the dog had suffered significantly.

Wilson grabbed the puppy and threw it outside without the intention to harm it, but it was badly injured. He took it inside and attempted to care for it, but over the next few hours decided it was suffering and tried to break its neck. He also struck it over the head with the butt of an axe to kill it. MORE>>


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