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February 27, 2012

Dumped bags of dog poo a puzzle

A Stoke resident says she has fears about a dog poo dumping campaign after news of a second site of dog poo bag debris emerged.

The Nelson Mail recently reported a collection of poo bags had appeared along Bolt Rd in Tahunanui, next to the golf course. Several days later, Colleen Cotton-Merritt discovered about 30 bags of dog poo while walking along Stoke's Manson Reserve, off Manson Ave and Polstead Rd.

"It was disgusting, I reckon someone's going out there [deliberately]. There was dog poo everywhere."

Mrs Cotton-Merritt said the area where she found the bags was near a council rubbish bin. She said it looked as though the bags had been thrown.

"I'm sure all these poo bags wouldn't have come out of nowhere. Nothing's in the rubbish apart from poo bags."

She was "horrified" when she discovered the contents.

"I thought, `What a bloody mess'. I've never seen a dog poo bag anywhere there [before]."

Mrs Cotton-Merritt said she hoped it was not the actions of someone "trying to give dog people a bad name".

"There are dog people out there that don't pick up dog poo but the ones that do don't throw their bags around."

Mrs Cotton-Merritt, who walks the route most days with her dog, retriever-border collie Jed, said she was upset with the impression it gave of dog owners. MORE>>


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