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February 27, 2012

Dogs run amok

The city council is addressing the problem of unleashed dogs on a busy shared walkway between Northlands Shopping Centre and Mona Vale.

St Albans man Ainslie Talbot, 60, wrote to the city council to ask them to address the problems on the busy shared footpath and cycleway.

He was a regular user of the cycleway and was fed up with unleashed dogs causing havoc in the narrow parts of the route. "I ride my bike down there a lot and it's very busy, particularly on the weekends. I was cycling along once and a dog that was not leashed came out of nowhere right in front of me. I had to brake suddenly to avoid the dog. Another time, two dogs chased me, then when I complained about it, the dog owner told me I was the one who was out of control and should be on a leash. "


While Mr Talbot said he understood 90 per cent of dog owners were responsible, there were a few that were ruining it for the rest.

"It's unfortunate that some people take this attitude when the majority of dog owners are really good."

He also said he realised that there were some cyclists who acted irresponsibly as well.

"If someone is cycling up to 30km/hr it puts all dogs and people at risk for serious injuries, whether the dogs are leashed or not."

Have your say: Have you experienced problems of dogs on the walkway/cycleway from Northlands Shopping Centre to Mona Vale? Do you think dogs need to be under better control on shared walkways in Christchurch? Send us your thoughts to Include your full name and suburb. MORE>>


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