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February 29, 2012

Danger in the garden

Richard and Michelle Rankin want people to know about the toxic danger lurking in Auckland's parks.

The Rankin family's two-year-old English cocker spaniel Alonso had to be put down after he ate fallen berries from a neighbour's karaka tree a few weeks ago.

"Our neighbour had no idea they were poisonous and he's starting to take the trees out. He's been very good about the whole thing," Mr Rankin says.

"We really want other people to know that these berries are very toxic and they are a risk at this time of year.

"Our main concern is around other people suffering the loss of a pet due to these berries or, God forbid, small children eating them."

The native trees are common in parks, council reserves and private gardens across the city.

The seeds contain a neurotoxin – 3-nitropropionic acid – and the powerful alkaloid poison karakin.



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