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February 27, 2012

Court told of dog's death in hot car

A dog left in a car on a hot, sunny day was muzzled and unable to lap up water left for him, a Christchurch court has heard.

Annabelle Victoria Quor, 75, denies two charges of ill-treating, and recklessly ill-treating her dog, leading to its death.

The Christchurch District Court jury trial before Judge Colin Doherty, which began today, is expected to take one or two days.

However, the defence said the pomeranian dog, Midgey, was Quor's cherished partner and loved companion

"The defence says no crime has been committed here and that what's happened is a tragic accident," said Andrew McKenzie.

He said Quor had left the dog in similar circumstances without problems but on this occasion she had forgotten to unclip the muzzle. Her doctor would give evidence about her "memory difficulties".MORE>>


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