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February 29, 2012

Bob Kerridge: Council should think again on dog fees

Bob Kerridge: Council should think again on dog fees

Read all of the article online, but here is a bit of what he wrote: Accordingly the need to 'get it right' sits firmly on the shoulders of the city's law-makers, and Auckland dog owners will undoubtedly have their views on the subject.
Getting it right means catering to the welfare of the dogs, ensuring the responsibilities of dog ownership are understood and practised, and respecting the autonomy of those who do not wish to interact with dogs. That's one large diplomatic headache.

Cutting to the bare essentials the 'leash law' is the one that caters to all, with dogs required to be on a leash at all times in public places. This guarantees absolute control with any public nuisance element eliminated, and a happy dog in contact with its 'pack leader'. Off leash areas in some open spaces provide for times of freedom, although essentially these areas should be completely contained to avoid contact with the general public. Additionally the compulsory picking up of droppings eliminates a most offensive public nuisance.

However, lurking behind the question of appropriate bylaws is a sinister plan that will impact dramatically on dog owners, a plan the Auckland Council hoped would not surface at this time. It lies in wait in the Council's Long Term Plan, volume 3, on page 144, and it was approved by them earlier this month. It involves the raising of dog registration fees by up to 160 per cent." MORE>>

One of question that Bob forgets to write is about the cost- benefit analyses that the ex-Rod Hide promised us that the government would do... Rodney was in charge of Auckland. He failed to keep his promise.
How can you justify a hike in registration when they haven't proven that WHAT THEY ARE DOING IS RIGHT? 

Mrs Malfait is the proud owner of two desexed bichon frise dogs and is fuming over the proposed price hikes.
She faces a more than 100 percent rise from $94 to $240 and says responsible dog owners are being penalised for the actions of irresponsible ones.
"Every rule and regulation they have come out with we have followed," she says.
She is calling for all owners to front up to Mr Brown with their dogs at every public meeting about the long term plan and at his Mayor in the Chair events.
The first public consultation with Mr Brown over the draft plan is with the Papakura board tonight.
The meeting begins at 6pm at the Sir Edmund Hillary Library.
Mrs Malfait is encouraging other owners to let the mayor know how they feel.
Dog breeder Ms Goodger has 10 dogs on her 8.09 hectares in East Tamaki and faces an increase of more than $1000 in registration fees – even though she doesn't let dogs off the property.  MORE>>


Dog Fee Fury

A summary of the draft plan and a feedback form should be delivered to all homes by today. (29/02/2012)

The full plan is at, Waiheke library or the council service centre.

Submissions close on March 23 at 4pm.

PROPOSED LICENCE FEE INCREASES: The current standard licence fee for a dog is $104 if the early purchase date of August 1 is taken advantage of.

If the licence is bought after that date it costs $128.

The plan proposes to raise the early purchase cost to $160 from July this year, or $210 if paid after August 1.

A desexed dog licence for an owner who has taken the responsible dog owner test costs $47 and $70 if purchased after August 1, but Auckland Council is proposing to increase these rates to $120 and $170.

The cost for a non desexed dog for an owner with a dog owner licence, is currently $53 if bought before August 1 and $77 if purchased afterwards.

This will go up to $160 and $210.

For a non-licensed owner with a desexed dog, the charge are $75 if purchased before August 1 or $98 if bought after.

These prices go up to $120 and $170. Fees for a dog's first visit to a pound go up from $35 for the first occurrence to $60.

Repeat visits which were charged at the same rate will incur a $100 charge for a second visit and $150 for a third.


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