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December 09, 2011

Dog owners get rough end of stick

Dog owners want a better deal for their pets, as the length of time dogs are banned from beaches stretches every year.

Restrictions are imposed during daylight saving. But as those hours have been extended over the years so, too, has dogs' freedom to walk on Auckland beaches - either on or off leashes.

The rules vary across seven regions encompassing the former councils. At Milford on the North Shore, for example, dogs cannot be on the beach between 10am and 6.30pm. In Rodney, it's 9am to 7pm, likewise in Manukau.

Jill Parsons walks her dogs, Amber and Rani, along Milford Beach, their bushy tails swishing in unison.

"Isn't this wonderful," says Mrs Parsons, looking along the beach to where a sprightly black spoodle trots towards us and a Siberian husky frolics in the shallows. MORE>>


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