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November 11, 2011

There's a place where dogs match bags

OPINION: It's true that travel broadens the mind. The downside is post- travel triste.

It takes time to readjust to a country - your own - where people are nagged about saving the planet when at the other, densely populated end of the planet, consumption of everything naughty carries on happily.
Outside it may be chilly, but inside every building the heat is tropical. Europeans don't expect to freeze the way we do.

There are dogs: different dogs. They say Paris is coated in their poo, but that's untrue. They sit up in restaurants next to their owners, which I like to see, better behaved than most children, especially most New Zealand children.

Ours expect to charm the pants off everyone with their chubby, jam-covered mitts while their parents take a desperate break.

I liked the little dogs carried in handbags by women of a certain age with Hermes scarves draped around their shoulders. If only children could be relied on to look as chic.MORE>>


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