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November 17, 2011

Miniature horses mauled by dogs

A Christchurch horse owner is distraught after her miniature horses were savaged in their paddock by two dogs.
Nicola Bean said five of her horses had to by treated by a vet after the attack yesterday afternoon.
''I got a phone call saying there was two dogs attacking the horses so I raced to the paddock and when I got there, it just just carnage,'' she said.
''There was blood everywhere and the horses were so distressed and I just felt sick, it was just so horrible to see.''
The paddock sits off Linwood Ave behind the crematorium.
Bean said a neighbour had heard the attack and scared the dogs off.
''He [the neighbour] said the dogs looked like a staffie cross and a labrador cross but apparently the lab wasn't the one doing the damage. He saw the staffie hanging off one of the horse's's just horrific.''

And if we lived in the United States, it would have been coyotes...

But in New Zealand, we have dogs that do this. The difference between a coyote and a dog is that a dog is also a companion to us and easy game for people to lump all dogs!

There aren't many prey animals in NZ, and aren't you glad otherwise we'd be horrified about coyotes, mountain lions, wolves...

Remember, 350 000 dogs never bite anyone today!


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