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November 23, 2011

Man seeks mayor's help on dog issues

An Invercargill chihuahua owner has asked Mayor Tim Shadbolt to put policies in place so big dogs stop terrorising little dogs in the city's parks and reserves.

So... council is supposed to put a law to control big dogs! and how about a policy to control kids?

Nigel Murch has written to Mr Shadbolt expressing his concern about the lack of control some dog owners have over their canines.

How, oh how, did this become a story, and printed in a newspaper (with photo?)
PS. it only becomes clear at the end of this article.

Mr Murch and his family own "three beautiful little chihuahuas" and regularly walk them along the Waihopai flood bank. Large dogs off their leashes had scared their little dogs three times and he has had enough.
Mr Murch yelled at the big dogs that jumped at his chihuahuas but sometimes he got abused by their owners, he said.

It is clear that Mr Murch doesn't understand the need for dogs to say hello. Yelling at dogs is like a bark to a dog. Barking takes on many meanings.
And for a human to use their voice... Does he use his voice (bark) in a high pitch or a low pitch? Does Mr Murch get in between both dogs? Does he allow his dog to be in front of him while he is barking commands?

If so, here's what the dog might think... the dog is in front of the owner feeling the need to DEFEND his owner because the owner is barking. Dog might interpret Mr Murch's bark like this: "Help, get that dog away from me, I'm scared" So the little dog has to defend the big dog (his human) BUT there's more... the big dog (human) scoops him up making him even more determined to 'scare' the other dogs away. 

Queens Park and Donovan Park were other areas where owners let their big dogs roam and "terrorise" little dogs and their owners, with Mr Murch yesterday recounting one unnerving encounter between his chihuahuas and a rottweiler.

Yes, this is true! little dogs fair better with other little dogs, however I also know of little dogs terrorising big dogs too!  It's the nature of being a dog!

"Chihuahuas don't handle it too well when being ambushed and blindsided by big dogs so I scoop them up," he said.

I'd like to know how many big dogs he's talking about? 1 big dog, 2 big dogs? Scooping your dog up tells your dog that there is something to be afraid of !! You are causing the very problem that you are trying to solve! 

"It's unfair that wee dogs get targeted by big dogs and you can't chance that they aren't going to eat our wee dogs."

EAT YOUR DOG !! wow! dogs eating dogs... hum... 

In his letter to Mr Shadbolt, Mr Murch suggested having honorary dog control officers walking the parks, saying he would be happy to become one.

Oh Heavens.. he'd like to become a dog control officer... oh, I can see him now.. he'd be issuing fines right, left, and centre! God help us from the well-intentioned! 

He asked Mr Shadbolt whether cameras could be installed on the Waihopai flood banks to catch out irresponsible dog owners and suggested setting aside a particular section of the city for small dogs and another section for large dogs.

Oh, installing cameras to spy on dog owners! That is a lot of money to see if small dogs are being scooped up by their owners! Who's going to watch the footage? how do you identify the dog? Do you bring them to court? Will there be court costs? Will CAT OWNERS want to pay for these cameras? Would non dog-owners want their taxes spent on this?

"I can see a large dog attacking and either maiming or killing a little dog or person," his letter says.

Can you now. So how many dog attacks have there been up to now?
I've been bitten by little dogs too! They've got teeth !

In his correspondence to the mayor, Mr Murch also raises the problem of dog poo.

"The amount of large clumps of poo is from big dogs, as little ones don't leave big turds.

Oh my oh my... 

"I carry plastic bags and clean up after our dogs but others do not, the flood bank is littered with poos at the moment," he says.

Perhaps it's human waste! 

Mr Shadbolt said his office had made the council's dog control staff aware of Mr Murch's concerns regarding the issues raised.

"It might not be a bad idea to have the tiny breeds in one space and the rottweilers and pitbulls on another track," he said.

I do not have a problem with a dog trail for smaller dogs and bigger dogs, but let's face it. Mr Murch is a breedíst (like racist for humans). He doesn't like rottweilers and pitbulls. They aren't the only Big Dogs around! Labradors, German Shepherds, Border Collies are all big-- but he picks on the so-called dogs that have a bad rap. Let's call a spade a spade Mr Murch! 

Mr Murch's call for some mayoral assistance follows the decision by the city council this week to review its dog control policy.

And who, may I ask, will the council get their expert advice from?

A council focus group will be formed to deal with issues such as defining walking tracks where dogs must be kept on leads and dealing with dog-fouling issues in the city's parks and reserves.

There are more than 7000 registered dog owners in Invercargill and Bluff.... yes, 7000 dogs x $82.00 registration fee = $574,000 

That's around half a million dollars a year that council gets to make sure that dogs are well looked after... If only 10% of the fee goes into research around our best friend, that would benefit all citizens of Invercargill! 


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