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November 11, 2011

Cesar Millan shares his tips

This last part of the article is what I like the best. Read the article here

And Millan believes this balance can be found in every dog - even those breeds that have been banned in countries like New Zealand. He says it is not the breed, but the owner's leadership that is the problem.

"You are dealing with a powerful breed and an uneducated human. You have problems with little dogs, it's just a smaller scale of power," he says.

"Aggression is not the problem; it's the outcome of a problem...that's just the symptom, a side effect. So as we have problems with kids, we have problems with dogs. Everybody wants trust, everybody wants respect, everybody wants love but the only way you can obtain it is if you behave honestly, you have integrity and you show loyalty.

"I don't see a dog as a student; I see a dog as a teacher." 

CS does want the best for the dog, and I do hope that his association with the likes of positive dog trainers like Dr Ian Dunbar, and Bob Bailey has rubbed off on him. Don't watch his earlier shows... it's full of old methods of dog training that were used 50 years ago. CM is slowly getting it !! using positive reinforcement is much better for learning, as opposed to punitive. 


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