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November 09, 2011

Aussie trainer has tips on dogs

Gary Jackson has trained 20,000 dogs and dog control officers and the Marlborough public have been reaping the benefit.
The Australian dog training expert was in Blenheim last week for a conference and on Friday morning the public watched a demonstration on the Taylor River bank on how to test if a dog is docile enough to go to a new home.
Mr Jackson runs Multi National K9, a specialist dog training company in Queensland.
He was a guest speaker for the New Zealand Institute of Animal Control Officers Conference at the Marlborough Convention Centre on Thursday and Friday.
The demonstration on Friday morning showed how to tell whether a dog would be dangerous, while on Thursday morning he gave animal control officers tips to make their job safer. It was "how to avoid getting attacked by a dog and how to handle dogs without being bit," he said.
There were some golden rules like never run but mostly it was understanding dogs and how to reduce or redirect their aggression, he said. A tennis ball or some dog roll went a long way, he said.
There were many different techniques that worked well when used together, he said.



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