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October 10, 2011

Fat people and animals make our nights exciting

OPINION: TV's getting really good, isn't it? 

Until recently, there weren't nearly enough shows about the obese on television. Now I think it's safe to say that there are. The newest discourse on the spate of obesity Westerners inflict on themselves, Embarrassing Fat Bodies, is brought to us by state-owned broadcaster TVNZ. This show combines all the fun of reveling in the misfortune of others with the thrill of discovering what ecosystems really lurk beneath a truly fat person's folds. Now we know.


There are also plenty of reality shows, many proudly home-grown in New Zealand, just like a crop of truly excellent marijuana. There's Dog Patrol, which is about dog patrols, and Animal Patrol, which involves both animals and patrolling. However, given this tendency to name shows after their content, Animal Patrol might more correctly be called "Council Staff Take Neglected Pitbulls From Low-Lifes in Otara." 

So true...


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