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October 13, 2011

Dog ban saddens owners

A ban on dogs in Takaka's shopping area is getting some dog owners irate.
The ban, under a Tasman District Council Dog Control Bylaw, has been in place for many years, but some dog owners say the bylaw is "too strict" and they should be permitted to walk their dogs on a leash through town.
But the situation is unlikely to change any time soon. Golden Bay Community Board chairwoman Carolyn McLellan said a survey by the board two years ago found the "majority" of people were against permitting dogs in the central shopping area.
"There are many cafes with tables outside and retailers put clothes rails outside their stores.
"We've had dogs eating food off tables and dogs lifting up their leg and urinating on clothes. We've had dogs urinating on the Village Green and then an hour later children are sitting on the grass having a picnic," Carolyn said.
She also highlighted the issue that some children and older people were afraid of dogs. MORE>>
This is a management problem... you can't just ban dogs! 


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