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October 24, 2011

Concerns raised over new pound

Hundreds of stray dogs in Dunedin could soon be targeted by a private operator on a "seek-and-destroy mission", a Dunedin city councillor fears.
The concern was raised yesterday by Cr Richard Thomson, a dog-lover, after it was confirmed the Otago SPCA would cease housing stray dogs caught by the council's animal control team.
Otago SPCA chairwoman Sharon Lont wrote to the council last month to advise the existing dog pound on its property was no longer consistent with the SPCA's nationwide "saving lives" programme.
The programme sought to rehouse - rather than euthanise - as many animals as possible, and the perception was healthy animals were being euthanised at the Dunedin pound, she said.
The issue was raised at this week's community development committee meeting, council development services manager Kevin Thompson saying the council had one year to find a new operator to run a pound or build one of its own. MORE>>


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