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September 18, 2011

UK pet expert calls for canine friendly city

An international 'urban pet' expert is coming to Christchurch to advise authorities on how to create a more dog-friendly city in the wake of the earthquakes.

Stephen Jenkinson, a pet behaviorist from Scotland, will speak how the needs of dogs and pet owners must be incorporated into the rebuilding of the disaster-hit city.

He has been invited to "enable informed discussion" on urban dogs post-quakes.

Mr Jenkinson, who describes himself as a consultant specialising in dogs and access management issues, said: "It's a tragedy what has happened to Christchurch, and without any disrespect to the 181 people who lost their lives, I believe we can salvage something good out of this, because it's so rare to have such a blank canvas to work from."

He said that the emphasis on dogs has gone up the political agenda in the UK, with research showing that "well-designed, well-placed and welcoming" places for dogwalkers, provides many social benefits.

Mr Jenkinson said: "If we provide good spaces, dog owners don't go to places where there is livestock or native animals and can prove more troublesome.

"By planning and providing new spaces, articularly around new home developments, dog owners are more responsible, they feel much more part of the community, and the whole thing is a lot more positive."I want to give some ideas of what we've been doing in the UK so they can apply them in the rebuilding of Christchurch."

Mr Jenkinson will speak at a public meeting on September 26 at Cashmere Library, in the Sydenham Room, at 7pm.

He added: "I'm honoured to have this opportunity to speak to, not just dog owners, but local councillors and council representatives.

"Good management of spaces for walkers with dogs, is good for everybody - people who like dogs, people who don't, livestock owners, and wildlife bodies."


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