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September 14, 2011

Shedding kilos a challenge for chow-loving canine

A clinically obese two-year-old chow chow is battling the bulge.

Louie, affectionately known as Mu-mu, could have been a canine poster boy for a biggest loser contest after shedding 15 per cent of his body weight in just four months.

But yesterday the chubby chow disappointed his vet and left his owner "gutted" when he tipped the scales at a hearty 37.7 kilograms – more than 2kg heavier than his last weigh-in.

"This boy needs to cut back," said vet Geoff Mehrtens.

Since a rotund 40kg Mu-mu was classed as clinically obese in March he has been on a strict dry-food diet and had lost almost 5kg of puppy fat.

North Canterbury owner Katie Carville said she was "very proud" of her big boy – until a reluctant Mu-mu was dragged on to the scales yesterday.

"I am just gutted. I thought he was doing so well," she said.MORE>>

This owner only went to vets with her dog because she thought that the dog has some medical problem because he wouldn't walk up the stairs. She didn't even know that her dog was obese !!!
How can you NOT know ?!?


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