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September 15, 2011

'No regrets' after being helpful goes too far

A Christchurch man and his massive dog put their lives on hold to help the broken city after the February 22 earthquake.
Sean Scully, 37, and his 86-kilogram Irish wolfhound Guinness worked obsessively after the quake, helping residents in Christchurch's shattered eastern suburbs. But his obsession came at a personal cost.
After rallying hardware stores and friends in the North Island, he soon found himself leading a fleet of Bobcats and handing out 800 shovels, 200 wheelbarrows and 1100 bottles of water.
Scully worked 12-hour days in the east for three weeks while Guinness, known as the earthquake dog, carried children on his back around silt-laden streets.
Scully helped clear thousands of tonnes of silt from hundreds of properties, but said his determination to help took a personal toll on his life, and he needed hospital treatment for exhaustion. MORE>>


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