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August 22, 2011

Dog's tale still wagging on film

Wal, Dog, Rangi, Cheeky, Horse, Aunt Dolly and Prince Charles are back.

Twenty-five years on, movie-goers will get the chance to see Footrot Flats up on the big screen again.
Footrot Flats: The Dog's Tale – based on the classic Kiwi comic strip written by New Zealand cartoonist Murray Ball – is showing for a limited two-week period at Event cinemas around the country, starting on September 1.

Originating producer Pat Cox hopes the film will capture the hearts of a whole new generation.
"It's an iconic piece of New Zealand culture and it's still within the top 10 most successful New Zealand films that have ever been released here.

"It's also up there in the top 10 in Australia as far as animated features go. MORE>>


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